How to Make Her Send You Naked Pictures

I know you guys have thought about this when texting a girl, especially those hot girls you really want to get but so far you’ve only managed to get her number.

Even more after last week’s post on Sexting and for those girls that live far from you.

I want them


Yes, I know, so first let’s set some ground rules:


  • Not all girls will be willing to send naked pictures, be that online, WhatsApp, etc. If you can’t get her to send you a naked picture of her it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you, so don’t take it personally!
  • Girls who will send you naked pictures are not sluts, do not think of them that way. If they do it means that you managed to flip the right switches in her to trust you enough and get her turned on to send you her naked pictures. Enjoy you bastard!
  • Rule of Men on naked pictures: you do not send them to anyone; not your friends, brothers, colleagues or anyone! She trusted you enough to send them to YOU! Don’t be a moron and spread them. Even if you think you would be super confident if someone started spreading pictures that could embarrass you, or potentially hurt your personal or professional life, you don’t do that. MEN DON’T DO THAT
  • You have to have a good connection with her
    • One exception here: there are girls who will randomly send naked pictures to guys for fun and phone sex or sexting. Usually these contacts will come from sex sites and might incur asking you to pay. Other than that, you might rarely never meet in person

Do not continue reading if you do not agree with these 4 points.


Here’s how you do it

Ok, now that you have agreed on the above, let me tell you how to get her naked pics.

You have to ask for them.


First you ask her indirectly:


How to Make Her Send You Naked Pictures - by Badboylifestyle


This sort of comment will usually lead to further complimenting from both sides and eventually having her pic.

If she would not yet send it however, ask for it a bit more directly.


How to Make Her Send You Naked Pictures - by Badboylifestyle

At this stage and if you are asking her for these  kind of pictures it will be because you will sexting; it is not weird if you ask for them.

If she still wouldn’t say no but wouldn’t send it either, you can ask her directly.


Tell her what she has to do:


How to Make Her Send You Naked Pictures - by Badboylifestyle

Do’s and don’ts



When you have a good connection with her and regularly throw sexual comments on your texting, do this to get her pictures:

  1. You first ask her subliminally / indirectly
  2. If she hasn’t said no but hasn’t sent it, ask for it a bit more direct
  3. If she hasn’t said no yet and has not sent it, you either let it go (forget about that naked picture) or you could ask her directly and tell her what to do. Don’t ask 3rd time if you don’t feel your connection is that great.
  4. If at any time she says NO don’t ask any more for a naked picture of her; maybe next time you talk.
  5. You will not ask her for a naked picture more than 3 times in the same conversation, otherwise she will understand you do not understand her.


Guys let me know what doubts you have on Texting or game in general!

Drop me a line and we can see what we can do.

As always, talk to you next week, have fun!

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