How To Make A Girl Love You

There is nothing better than a girl truly loving you and willing to do everything for you. To love and be loved is one of the basic human needs. Today I will teach you how you can make any girl fall in love with you. How to make a girl love you.

So how to make a girl love you? It’s all about emotions.


How to make a girl love you - Badboy Lifestyle

You see, love is all about emotions and emotions can be manipulated. Being a seducer is all about manipulating emotions. Don’t feel bad about it, read more and you will find out how to make a girl love you. The better control of your your emotions in your life you achieve the more and more success you will get. Same thing goes for control of other people’s emotions. Look at TV, media, ads, music, movies… they base their success on one basic thing: control people’s emotions and you will get them to do what you want them to do.

Why is that so important? Why is it important to control people’s emotions?

90% of decisions you make in your daily life comes from how you feel. Therefore if you control people’s emotions, you control their decisions, therefore you can sell them anything.
That’s why it’s important to be so aware and in control of your emotions. To protect yourself from others and to gain tactical advantage in life.

Let’s go back to the topic:

How to make a girl love you

The formula I will give you here is something that people do naturally every day around the planet and they are not aware of it at all.
I have a gift to see things beyond the surface and look for deep patterns that are normal for others. This is one of the reasons that makes me great in this.

For a girl to fall in love with you one crucial component is needed. A hormone called oxytocin.

If you can get her body to produce enough of that hormone and link it to yourself you are on the right track and you know how to make a girl love you. Let me tell you a few things about this crucial “love” hormone.

Oxytocin’s primary purpose is to create a life-long bond between a baby and its mother (her). But oxytocin is being released during sex as well. Did you notice after you have sex with a girl that most of them feel an unstoppable urge to cuddle?
You got the “aha!” moment now? While fucking her, you released lots of oxytocin hormone whose main purpose is to create a connection to someone…
Oxytocin does not give a shit is there a pillow, cat, another girl or you. It will create a connection with whoever she cuddles at that moment. Isn’t that crazy?

Make sure she has an orgasm! Then you can be sure it’s been released in high doses! Learn everything about how to give her great  here
Now, once you understand the theory how to make a girl love you let’s move on to practical examples.

A formula on making a girl love you in 2 weeks


How to make a girl love you - Badboy Lifestyle


  1. Find a complete stranger;
  2. Reveal to each other intimate details about your lives for half an hour;
  3. Spend a night together and release oxytocin in high doses;
  4. Stare deeply into each other’s eyes without talking for a few minutes and cuddle for 10 minutes;
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 five times in the next two weeks.

Release oxytocin in her body, and then link it to yourself by cuddling. This is a biological trick of the day! There is a part of me that loves exploiting biological flaws and using them for the “right” purposes.

And congratulations, now you know how to make a girl love you! It’s that simple. This is pure chemistry 101 that works almost every time. Try it for yourself.
The more feminine she is, the more estrogen she has, the better it works!

You see guys, while we have sex our bodies are releasing dopamine (feeling good hormone). This is the big difference between men and women that women cannot understand. They are having sex to connect, we are doing it for the pure joy of fucking! They are designed to find the one and we are designed to feel good fucking around.

This is one of the many ways to make her stay faithful to you over a longer period of time.

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