Leading women

 Leading women sounds difficult?

It’s very interesting to see how many girls expect us to take initiative. Just watch them in clubs when they stand in circles with friends and pretend to have fun, waiting for something to happen.

In reality, they are there waiting for someone to approach them and sweep them off their feet.  It’s what they dream of.  You need to change your beliefs, about girls playing an active role when it comes to seduction and sex.  The less you expect from her, and the less she has to do in seduction process, the stronger your game will be.  You will be much more successful when you take control.  Girls adore guys who take control of the interaction and the relationship.

You are a Man, Man has to lead!

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1) Never ask for permission when you decide to do something, ie, “Would you like to dance?  Would you like to sit over there?”, etc.

2) When you are in a situation with a girl where a decision needs to be made, take the lead and decide for her.  Example:  You are not sure if you want to go to dinner or movie. Pick one. Don’t ask her which she wants to do or what restaurant she likes. She wants to follow your lead.  She wants you to be the man in the relationship.

3) When she is uncomfortable in a situation, take control and make the changes required to make her feel comfortable. Example: You are making out with her, but you can feel that the people around are making her feel uncomfortable.  Take the lead and move her to place where she feels more discreet.

Another example:  You are picking her up in a bar and you stand and talk for 45 minutes. Everything is going good, but if you do a quick body scan and notice she is wearing high heels.  Trust me, it hurts to stand for three hours in those shoes but you will rarely hear that from a girl.  Say, “Hey lets go sit down there…It’ll be more comfortable.”   You will rarely hear a woman make that suggestion.  That’s your job.
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You need to pay attention to how she feels all the time.  Don’t ask her because you will get the wrong answers.  Instead, keep checking her body language and try to sense how she feels. Get good at reading women’s sub-communications.  Watch, listen and be aware.

Every so often ask yourself, “Does she feels okay right now with me?  What I can do to make her feel even more relaxed and comfortable?”  It will pay dividends…

Take the lead!

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When I say be a leader, that’s exactly what I mean.  Pay attention to the people around you, lead them and make them feel the best in every situation possible.  If you see it hurts her to stand in high heels, don’t ask ” Would you like to sit down?” because she will probably say no because her friends are over here, she doesn’t want to seem like she’s being picked up, or some other reason.  Instead say, “Lets go over there and sit down.”  She will follow because it’s simpler to follow than to decide and she REALLY wants to sit down.  You haven’t forced her to make a decision and by taking a little initiative, you’ve isolated the girl from her group to a better seduction location. Once she is there, its a time to get her mind and body horny. Learn how to make her horny

Using the same principle…  It’s 2 AM, and of course after clubbing everyone is hungry.  All you need to say is, “Hey, I’m hungry, lets get some food.  You can keep me a company,” and you are halfway home.  If you ask her, “Would you like to get something to eat,” she will think of a million reasons why she shouldn’t.  Take the lead!

If you develop emotional intelligence, recognise how she feels, and have the courage to be a man who takes initiative, you will become the man that that those girls are standing around waiting to meet.  When you take control of all your interactions, your results will improve dramatically.

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