Leading Women and Bouncing with them

Leading women (moving them from one place to another place) is very important element in pickup. You have to get them used walking around with you. You cant even imagine how crucial this is.

How to Lead?

Lovely couple on the street

This is the groundwork for getting them to your house later. This is a huge step for them, so it has to start small. Some guys think you will talk with girl for 30 min and then you go home and get physical. Sorry but it’s not so simple. We are playing with emotional creatures.

Leading starts with small steps

Baby steps are needed with them. Slow but constant progression. It has to be smooth. To prepare them for walking outside club, first you have to walk with her inside the club. First initial move is just few meters, each next is bigger and bigger.

That’s what I am going to do. In the very few first minutes, I will get her used to following me around the club.
In the first 5 minutes, I will say you know its too loud here, come here, and I will move her few meters aside.
Remember: Leading starts will small steps.

Its important that behind every leading you have some reason/excuse why you do it, otherwise it looks strange.

Excuses you can use:

Music (Music its too loud here, lets move)
Dance floor (Lets go dance, I want to dance with you)
Bar (Lets go get some drinks, I am thirsty)
Friends (I lost my friends, help me find them)
Lounge (Lets go sit down)

These are just few examples, but you can use anything!
I think Buy Viagra the dumbest example I ever used was when I wanted to move this girl to the other side of club. I told her…
Listen, I told my mother a lot about you, and she wants to get to know you. You know she’s here, on other side of the club… lets go)
I took her by hand, and lead her to other side of bar. It was 3am. LOL
If this one can work, then anything can work.

So structure of leading would be:

  1. In first 5 minutes, do a small move inside 5 meters
  2. When you move to building trust stage with her, move her somewhere where you can sit, or at least be comfortable talking to each other.
  3. Initiate kissing at this point
  4. Lead her outside club, at the end of the night, to get some late night food. Food is the best option, because at that time of night, we are all hungry, including her as well.
    Choose a location that is on the way to your home/ hotel room as thats next place. So plan this ahead!
  5. Spend 45 minutes at a restaurant or some lounge, and then again use some excuse to visit your place thats next door (photo album from Australia, or something she HAS to see!)
  6. She is at your place! Play some music, open nice bottle of wine, and enjoy fruits of your labor.
  7. Seduction  can be so simple

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