Fashion clothes for men

I know that most men don’t really care about what they ware, but fashion clothes for men is important. The only thing they care about is feeling good in what they ware.

While this can be good if you are hanging around other men it lowers your chances with women.

Fashion clothes for men it doesn’t have to be expensive

Women like it when men dress nice. And by nice I don’t think that you have to buy all the fancy clothes at the fancy store where every piece of clothes costs like it is made of pure diamonds. All you have to do is watch out for some simple colour techniques, and you are good to go.

For example a white shirt will go good with almost any pants you can think of, and you can’t go wrong with a good pair of blue jeans. Whenever you buy basic clothes (clothes that is warble with everything) make sure you buy the right size if you are not sure what is the right size for you ask the person in the store. She usually knows what she’s talking about.

Shoes and belts

This is the rule most men that don’t wear suites miss out and it is the simplest rule in the world. Make sure your belt and your shoes are the same colour.

Pay attention to colours

Fashion clothes for men

If you are not the person to go for black, white and blue simple combinations and you would like to use some colours in your combinations I suggest you take a look at this chart. The colours on the direct opposite side of the chart go best when mixed together. If you want colours and would like to play it safe you can go for orange and blue for example. Whatever you do don’t mix the colours that stand next to one another on the wheel. It is considered bad dressing and girls don’t like it.

Your Colors

Pay attention to your skin. Not every skin type, can wear all colors. For example if you have very pale ( light) skin, you cannot wear black or white colors. It will look unnatural. Watch here a full course on how to dress and find out what’s your color inside Life Academy

Keep it clean

No matter how good or bad your dress combination is your clothes has to be clean. I am not sure why girls have spot detection but make no mistake they do. If you go out on a date, and you are wearing a piece of clothes you have worn for the last five days she will see it, and she will not like it. Women absolutely hate dirty men, and if you wear dirty clothes you fall in to that category so make sure you wear a clean set of clothes when you go on a date.

Final thought

You don’t have to look or dress like a model you just have to take care of some simple dress practices, and you will be on the road to greatness.

Fashion clothes for men

You can use this chart to help you with your colouring.




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