Its all about energy

Your every action, your every thought, every emotion you create in your body radiates and sends energy to Universe and people around you.
This may sound abstract and NewAge stuff, but this is the fact of life. Take this information as a fact.

This article will explain you some weird situations that you experience on daily basis and give you a new light on exactly what’s happening.

Ask yourself this questions :

Have you noticed, following situations in your life?

It’s all about Energy!

1) You are thinking of someone and he a few moments later calls you / sends you a text message?

2) You feel bored at home, no one is calling you / texting you. But then something good happens, you start feeling good, and in that moment out of blue people start to contact you. As if they can feel something has changed.

Did you notice this happening?

As if somehow they can feel something is happening in your life and they want to be part of it.

How many times this happened to you?

Or even better

You are single, none of the girls are contacting you, everything you try/send it goes nowhere, It’s just this constant bad energy around you that you can get rid of it. It goes for months. And then you meet some girl, start bangin’ her and in that moment other girls that been silent for months, start to contact you out of blue? Have you experienced this? Like they can feel you been releasing some good emotions, and they can feel it, they want to be part of it.

Have you noticed whenever you feel good, and things are going well, people contact you out of blue, they want to be around you, and when you are down, no energy, nothing? Isn’t it interesting?

I believe every man has experienced something similar in his life. Years ago  I went through my spiritual journey to find answers to some my life questions, during it, I found answers to this question as well.

Some of my spiritual mentors explained it very well, it explained perfectly what’s been happening to me and others for years.

We are all connected on this planet somehow, whoever you meet and create some better connections you are somehow linked to him, and energy exchange is happening between people on some level.


You are a lighthouse and day & night you vibrate and send energy to people around you no matter where they are on this planet they are. They can unconsciously feel this energy and then decide to react or now.
Like a Phone call, for example, this situation happens to us several times per year.
You are thinking of a person, and then he calls you out of blue. While in reality what’s happening in this strange phenomenon is this:  You or other person started energy transfer with your thoughts and person on other side feels the urge to communicate, to call.
With lots of meditation and work in this area, you can learn to control it and play with it.
Since I am explorer by nature, of course, I tested and used this knowledge to my advantage.

I noticed once you get one girl into you, she starts to think about you a lot, she will start to “send” good energy to you, which other girls will feel and be more attracted to you. Domino Effect. When you are in this “bubble of good energy” everything goes smooth. It’s like you go out everything is easier, girls like you more, there is more attraction, everything is easy.  Its always the hardest to get that one girl, but once you get her, it’s a snowball effect. Once you get that one girl, others start to call you, contact you, now they want some action as well. Facebook and other social media are totally not needed here. Other channels are used here. I have done this way before any social media.


I was curious, can I use and control girls Sexual energy towards me to improve my Day or Night Game. Obviously, there is some connection between girls, and they can feel I have other girls. How about if I create a situation where they are sending me strong sexual energy when I am in Club? As we players know, any additional help in the club is well appreciated.

This experiment happened years 7-8 years ago and it went for weeks.

At a time I was dating this 2 girls ( didn’t know for each other), and one Friday night I told them, “tonight there is a special homework I want you to do. Exactly at midnight you will go to your bed, make yourself comfortable and start to think of me, touch yourself the way I would touch you, play with yourself.. imagine what I am doing to you and you have to give yourself  2 orgasms, Only and only then you can fall asleep.” I would give same homework to another girl. Of course, I  in a bar or a club. My whole “little” Energy-experiment, was to prove that sexual energy goes on distance and can affect your results with other women. Results were shocking, but not surprising. Because I felt it will work! It had to work! And really,
Every approach, no matter on the opener, was positive, attraction almost from every approach, sexual energy was better, like this good energy was present ..etc etc etc. All together, It Worked perfectly. Girls loved me. I have done this for weeks, and some nights to test difference without girls sending energy, some with it.  The difference was obvious.

I think we all feel this, but no one is talking about. Actually, I am wrong, people are saying for years, success attracts success, money attracts more money, therefore girls attract more girls.
It’s always that first million is hardest, it’s always that first girl is hardest.


1) Don’t be ignorant of your feelings.
Be careful what you feel in a day / angry/ sad/ depressed because you are sending those emotions to people and they can feel it about you. They will ignore you. If you have problems with it, start your  360 Inner game program,  there you have tracks and tools to solve it.

2) Don’t Jerk-off on girls you like/ you are about to date, or you like them a lot. Its very strong sexual energy ( but needy) that you are sending to her and she will feel it for sure.

3) When you meet some new girl and you really like her,  try not to think all day long about her, or write one text message to her for hours… they can feel you are there thinking about them, again you are sending needy energies. No matter how good your text is, she already received you.



Best what you can do for your energy spread is to date, have multiple girls in your life, create and radiate success in any area of your life, and it will spread around. Do stuff, be active, travel, do crazy things, these are the best ways to create a positive flow around you.

One of the first things I tell my guys when they come to Summer Camp is:  during next 2 weeks you will get lots of messages/ calls from your ex-girlfriends, future girlfriends, girls who forgot you exist. This is very well known the effect on summer camp. We are doing so much crazy stuff every day, guys are talking to girls, dating, having sex, threesomes, whatever.. together they are having a blast! Best time in life, and of course this amazing energy gets spread around and your girls can feel something is happening with you.


few years ago, I had this amazing 3some with 2 Brazilian chicas in Rio de Janeiro. 6 hours of hardcore sex. The craziest night ever.  Next morning, my phone was full of text messages from girls my girls all over the world. Somehow they all had weird dreams.. heh

“ I had weird dreams this night about you, how are you?”
“Hey I thought about you today, how are you”
“Hey Danny, where are you, I miss you”.

Somehow they all managed to text me all at once next morning. Coincidence?
Yea right!
I have so many stories like this, I’m sure you do as.ell.. please share them in comments!

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