Invite Girls to Your Place on Text Message

Hey guys, Igor here to talk about one of my specialties: texting, How to invite girls to your place. Today I will show you how you can get her home using text game, so from her place to your place entirely through text messages. After all we’re in 2016 and life has gotten so mobile you can do just about anything from your cellphone!


This is always crucial in the game, so to invite girls to your place you need to ask yourself 3 questions:


Is your place a good location?

So you got no family or flat mates who can bother you, and/or you have a nice quiet place for your own where no one will disturb you

  • Does she have the means to come?

Does she have a car or bike, or is public transport well connected from her place to yours? Or do you have the means to go pick her up and bring her in? if the answer is no, start looking for options!



Is your place looking good?

If the answer to the 2 above is yes and you get her to come over, start moving your ass to make your place look good and not a complete mess!


Inviting a girl to your place is no other than getting her on a date, but because the date will be at your place it has more implications to her than going for a coffee.

Before you invite girls to your place, know what to text her:

Once you have sorted your logistics, you have to text her your plan:


Invite Girls to Your Place on Text Message - by Badboy Lifestyle


Just like when you want to go on a date with a girl, you need to be specific and not invite her to “hang out” like she explains here. Do not go overboard explaining all details but do let her know what will be happening.

Key here: handle her reply!

This is the most important part and you need to know how to handle it. Only your girlfriend might say yes 90% of the time, all other girls will be 99% half yeses or half no’s. Here’s how you handle them:


She doesn’t reply:

there is way too little connection yet, so she will not even consider going out on a date or even less to your place. You need to TCC a lot more and calibrate better.


She simply replies negatively:

at least here she considered it but doesn’t want to go for it. Keep TCCing.


Negative reply with a reason:

when girls justify themselves to you means that they like you. Carry on going and next time will most likely be a yes.


Re-suggesting your plan:

She wants to come over but something isn’t quite what she is looking for, so she might suggest something different. It’s now your turn to decide whether you like it or not. If she would suggest going somewhere else it means that she is not yet comfortable enough to come to your place; meet her, TCC and escalate in person. If your logistics are properly setup you can take her to your place then.


  • She says yes: help her sort her logistics out, make sure your place doesn’t look like a dumpster… AND HAVE FUN!

The NO’s of inviting her to come over

Invite Girls to Your Place on Text Message - by Badboy Lifestyle


  1. Do not invite her when there is no good connection with her: communication needs to be back and forth all the time
  2. Do not over talk. You explain the plan and wait for her reply; DO NOT continue talking until she’s replied
  3. Do not speak badly to her for declining or not liking your plan; if she didn’t like it that much she can re-suggest


The YES’s of inviting her to come

  1. Sort out logistics: location and timings

  2. Help her sorting out her logistics

  3. Have a plan

  4. Make things fun


More on texting next week guys, keep in touch.

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