Insecurity is killing attraction here is why

One of the biggest turn’s on for a woman, one of biggest triggers for attraction, and biggest thing that we man can give and provide to woman is Confidence!

Nothing attracts woman more then guy who is confident.

This is no1 attraction trigger in seduction.

No tricks, no lines, routines can create so much attraction as confidence can do.

Woman are attracted to confidence, because deep inside themselves they feel insecure and they can’t relay on themselves. They are involved into constant  fight with their hormones which triggers crazy emotional swings, which in end gives them feeling of insecurity, they can’t relay on themselfs
Imagine;  you cannot control your emotions and thinking, If you cannot control your life, how on earth can you be confident.

This is why they will seek confidence and safety. from man. They need this, and only place they can get safety + confidence is from man.

So many girls told me : when I am around confident man, I feel more confident, as if his confidence pours to me.  I become more confident. This is where most man on this planet fail. They mumble, they are scared, they don’t know what to say, they are nervous, they panic in presence of beautiful woman and they fuck it up.

See as much woman’s attraction is triggered when she is in vicinity of confident man, it goes opposite as well, her attraction is destroyed when she smells insecurity or insecure guy.

Why is this?

Stressed businessman sitting with laptop at the office and thinking. He is worried and holding his head with hands.

Insecurity in man triggers some run away from this guy feeling in female body.
This is probably written in their genes, and they cant control it.

Its like when ugly non attractive chubby girl comes up to you. You do not have to think do you like her or not, its automatic, your buddy just triggers feeling of disgust on your stomach.

What fat girls are for us, Insecure guys are for them

Well exactly same thing happens when you show insecurity in front of her.
This is especially very important in this pre-dating stage, first initial meetings, first dates, initial approach. Because in this moments she is still deciding will she sleep with you or not. Will she have sex with you or not.


She is relaying on her feelings and instincts to make this decision. And if you trigger these bad emotions in her body by showing insecurity you just destroyed all your options to be with her.

This is why its so important to work on your inner game, build you confidence and project confidence in your every move in your every word.

Be aware that girls, woman will test you in all forms and shapes on your confidence, and this is something you cannot fake.

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