Inner Game & skills you have to develop through your life

Working on your personality and Inner game ( mental) is something that never stops, it goes for a lifetime. There is not a person on this planet I met who doesn’t or didn’t have problems in some stages of life. Every stage of life comes with its own mental/ physical barriers/challenges that you have to deal with. Ignoring them or failing to fix them at a time will cause you greater problems in all areas of life especially in love life. All unsolved insecurities, fears, traumas will block you from achieving your goals and reaching next levels of life. Life goes in stages, and to be successful in each stage of life you have to develop certain skill set/beliefs remove and deal with traumas from past stage. For example, you may be successful picking up girls in your 20ies, but in your 30ies you may suck if you do not change/upgrade your personality/image/game to suit your age. You may be successful in your 20ies running a small street shop, but it does mean you will be next Richard Branson in your 30ies.

Step by step through &  life what has to be done at each stage 


In first 10-15 years of life ( the most crucial stage of life) you develop lots of good habits and beliefs but as well you will acquire some bad Mental / Physical issues due to bad parenting, childhood traumas, tough school, bad surroundings as well bad social programming. From what I have seen coaching around the planet for last 15 years, 90% of my student’s problems with girls came from childhood problems. Yes, that’s true. Most of the problems guys have with girls in life comes from childhood. Fucked up parents, or not enough love from mother, or abuse, traumas… whatever it was, it will be reflected to love life later in life if not fixed properly. On another side I even have seen guys who had perfect, ideal fairytale childhood, where everything was perfect like in a movie script, still real-world shocked them, they were not prepared to fight for anything, deal with rejections.. etc.. They ended up as a super-nice guy who thought everything will be given to the rest of life. Guess how successful they were with girls. 


Your first true personality re-building starts in late teens, when you start developing yourself by removing beliefs/ habits from parents and society and start choosing what you will believe into, how will you see the world.

This is a stage in life where you are developing a foundation of your personality that you will carry for rest of your life. In this stage, you have to start reducing dependency on your parents. Ideally, start living alone as soon as possible.  Guys who miss this separation from parents will have a huge problem with a woman later in their life because they won’t mature as a Man at the right time. They will collect too much “mother energy”. Girls can fill this is a guy, and it’s very unattractive.


All the childhood issues you may have will come out on the surface in your 20ies. All those issues will turn into Inner-game problems and will cause you big trouble/pain/blocks in every area of life, especially in love life.

For example, if mother didn’t give you enough, you will feel have Fear of rejection (Approach Anxiety) from any woman out there or you may be desperately looking for love from every woman ( being-super-need). If you were fat in your childhood, this bad/uncomfortable image about yourself will stay forever if you do not work on it.
In your 20ies you should work on all those issues, fix them because as you will see they don’t get fixed my time, they just get worst as time goes.

For example, my grandmother didn’t have much of food available in her childhood ( WW2 period). Today she eats every meal like it’s her last and enjoying it fully even fridge is full and there is an abundance of food.

20ies are crucial for good quality life. You have to recognize patterns & problems early and work on them using proper techniques. Don’t fool yourself thinking, “it will go away”


late 20ies are very important because in this crucial stage you are growing from a boy into a Man. You have to work to remove some boyish things from your personality and image to develop into a man. Just like a caterpillar is shaping into a beautiful butterfly, you are shaping from a boy into a man.
Lots of guys miss this out and they get older but they never grow up. They look and behave like big boys. Girls are totally not attracted to them.

Girls on other side do this transformation earlier because it’s triggered by nature. First period ( menstruation) triggers their awareness and they mature. Look today girls who are 15-16yo. They are the woman already. While guys their age are still on PlayStation not even aware of the world. This is where the age gap happens.

This transition from boy to a man is usually led by father. Father should be the one who is initiating and supervising this crucial process. Fathers usually fail at this job. A good portion of about rules of a man and how to become one you will find in a free Inner Game course inside Zero to Hero program.


Your 30ties are last chance to fix your inner-game problems/insecurities/fears, in order to live a normal life. In your 30ties you should already figure out life and sorted all life components. Finances, living away from parents, career, friends, hobbies. Your personality should be well-formed and solid. All your insecurities should have been taken care of.

Its really silly to see a guy who is 40yo are still afraid of spiders, elevators or has an AA when he has to talk to a woman. These problems do not belong at this stage of life. This is totally unattractive to a woman because a man should already sort out off those things and become a man who is her protector, partner who can guide her in life. Someone she is looking up to. not another way around.

All your sexual fantasies should be fulfilled in those years. 3somes, orgies, dating multiple girls or whatever you with. In later years it will be harder and harder to fulfill them and those fantasies will start to bother you.

Your 30ties should be most lucrative years for hunting girls. It’s the golden age for seduction/pickup. All those 18-25yo hotties are now fully available for you. Since you are financially independent, having your own apartment, job, enough time to work on your skills your personality and image. With all those assets you should be banging at least 1-2 girls per month, at a bare minimum. With all tools, skills tricks we have, Tinder and other things those are very realistic numbers.

These are the years to test your limits and go crazy in every possible way like we do on Summer Camp. Where guys have, threesomes, fuck multiple girls per day, break any norms and limitations of the brain, fulfill all your sexual fantasies. One of the best training in the world for sure. Don’t miss out Next Summer Camp ( Special Edition)

I noticed through my life,  there are 2 types of guys/man. Some guys with strong personalities who can coach themselves, I am probably the best example of this. I managed to recover after my accident from Wheelchairs to walking, to picking up girls in less than 5-6 years. It was a huge work I had to do with myself. I can motivate myself, change my beliefs, blast through negativity to seek for positivity. I can have a full disciple of myself. And then there are other guys, who function better when someone else is pushing them, coaching them, guys who need someone to show them a way to do it and they will execute it. Both guys can be equally successful with a woman and in life, its just different way they acquire knowledge, get skills.


40ties are considered to be the best years to settle down and start your family. But this can be true only if you had enough woman in your life so you know how to spot and choose the right woman for you and if you have accomplished all previous stages of life ( fulfilling your sexual fantasies, created some stable life, had enough partners.. accomplished career.. etc

It’s nice to have someone next to you who you can enjoy things and share things. Someone that will help you in tough years that are about to come.

If you do not decide to settle down for one woman, you may as well stay “single” and enjoy having several long-term relationships in years to come.


  1. Self Confidence
  2. Sexual Confidence
  3. Thinking outside of a box
  4. Personal Image
  5. Public speaking
  6. Social Intelligence
  7. Emotional Intelligence
  8. People skills
  9. Becoming an Extrovert
  10. Money skills
  11. Self-discipline
  12. Going for what you want in life

And these are exactly Core skills that you will develop on a training like a Summer camp. These are crucial skills for success in any area of life and especially for success with girls.

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