Texting a girl and your Inner Game

What is the relation between texting a girl and your Inner Game? Lately we have been talking about inner game and how it will affect your game when approaching and meeting girls. However there is also the part of inner game of texting that we have to consider when we are gaming or texting a girl.

So what is your  Inner Game when texting a girl ?

Inner game of texting is the consistency between your words and your actions. This consistency will sub-communicate your manhood, how strong are you willing to hold your ground or stick to your guns.

You are a man and you know it, and a man should take no disrespect out of no one, including women. Stick to your guns and lead: if you’ve studied at Life Academy or have come to Summer Camp, you know how important leading is. If not, I will tell you now: leading is the only way to get what you want. If you don’t lead, you will only get what chance brings you.

How to do texting a girl - by Badboy Lifestyle

And how will she see this?

You have to lead conversations when texting a girl and you have to tolerate no disrespect. Sounds easy, huh? Well, it is not as easy as that, because what matters here is not the WHAT you say but HOW you say. I will show you how:


If she would disrespect you make sure she understands she misbehaved, so you can:

  1. Only text her a dissatisfied emoji dissatisfied, or 2 or 3 of them dissatisfieddissatisfieddissatisfied: you do thisin occasions where it´s not that much of a deal, like if you suggested to go for a coffee and she declines 3hrs later because she is now (time you should be having coffee) with her friend having a coffee. Take a bit of time to reply and then the emoji. Wait for her to reinitiate conversation or reinitiate it yourself next day.
  2. Not text her back in a long while: she does something she shouldn’t do, you do not reply to her in a while. For example if you had suggested at 11am to meet for a coffee at 6pm, and she would say no at 10pm without a proper reason as to why she didn’t reply before, take about 12hrs awake to reply (sleep time doesn’t count here). Proper reasons would be things like her or a family member sick in the hospital, accident, etc. major issues.
  3. Tell her off: tell her off trying to not act as a kid and insulting. If she disrespects you, you tell her “look, what you just said xxxxxxxxxx is not the right path to go with me” and let her understand that herself. Let her be the one to reinitiate conversation and talk to her later on.

Leading when texting a girl

The key to leading when texting a girl or any conversation is to take something of what you were just talking about and use it to open a topic you really want to talk about.

Say you two are talking about paintings: take any words she says to turn the conversation around. She said “I love this painting with its beautiful colors showing the amazing landscape over the hills” etc. Only from this sentence you could already use the words “paint/ing”, “beautiful”, “colors”, “(to) show”, “amazing”, “landscape”, “over the hills”, or only “hill/s”, etc. and say something like “Yes, it´s amazing, but what´s more beautiful is your face when you talk about paintings”. Now, instead of talking about the painting youhave reinforced the focus on her and you can continue talking about each other, complimenting, escalating and so on.

More and more to come, stay in touch and I will see you on the next post

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