How to Touch a Woman – Get Your Kino to The Next Level!

Pleasant Touch is one of the most attractive traits a man can have for a woman.

It’s not even something they think about consciously, but if they feel you touch them and it’s not pleasant, you are done.

Proper touch can make Attraction Blow through the Roof as much as it can Instantly kill it.
A man who knows How to Touch a Woman is a Blessing!

In Badboy Lifestyle we use touch A LOT!
Because we know how to touch a woman in a way that feels pleasant and it gives us the extra points.
Moreover, most of our opening moves have initial touch in them.
That’s simply using the touch to create a Kickass First Impressions 🙂

The touch I am talking about here is mostly for Cold Approaches & Dates.
When it comes to skills in bed, we are not going to talk about it in this article… We may publish some article on the subject in the future, and you can also find a lot of information about it in our special Have Sex Like a Pro Course here.


Step 1: Control Your State

You will notice me talking about this a lot because it’s really important.

Controlling your state is a Skill EVERY PLAYER MUST HAVE!

Being Grounded and Calm, Controlling Your Emotions, It’s one of the key points for masculinity.

Girls are not looking for much like you might have thought.
All they want is a Masculine Man. That’s It.
They are attracted to money, abs, status, JUST BECAUSE they demonstrate masculinity.

However, a Calm & Controlled “James Bondish” Man VS Some Rich Kid With Nice abs?
The Man will win Anyday. Guaranteed.

I am not going to dig deep into how to control your state since I already went over it in this blog post.
Also, you can find a lot of information about it on my Instructor’spage (link down in My Author Bio).

I will, However, Explain to you WHY it’s so important to control your state to create a pleasant touch.

See, your palms deliver TONS of Emotional Information.
If you are turned on by a girl and you touch her with your palm, she’ll feel it.
If you are nervous, she will catch up on that too.

You touch creates an intense exchange of emotional information between you and the girl.
When you know what you do you can feel the small micro calibration of muscles, both yours and hers, and learn to calibrate accordingly.
If her body reacts good to you, you’ll feel it, if you do the exercise you’ll get in this post 🙂

So make sure you feel fully calm when you touch a girl, if you’re too nervous, calm down first because she will figure this out VERY FAST!


Step 2: The Rules of Touch

There are few rules you want to keep in mind to make your touch as pleasant as possible:

1. Wherever you touch, make share your palm fits the area perfectly –
You want the girl to feel as if your hand and her shoulder/leg/arm/neck/whatever were meant to be.
Literally. Make your palm fit the area you touch perfectly. Keep the pressure equal on all spots of the touch.

2. Fingers are Cancelled –
Fingers Deliver by far the most pressure so you want to be gentle with them.
At first, you’ll have to go very soft on the fingers side to not create uneven pressure which puts the whole touch out of balance.

3. Make it Firm & Gentle at the same time –
it’s a matter of balance.
The touch needs to feel firm enough so she feels that a real man is holding onto her, that if she falls he can hold her up (when holding her waist for example).
Yet, you are not supposed to grab her as if her life depends on it.
Keep it gentle enough so she will feel comfortable with it.
Balance Varies.

4. Keep The Touch Going –
I saw tons of guys doing this “touch/untouch” game.
Unless it was for calibrating (which mostly isn’t the case), doing this is literally BREAKING YOUR FRAME over and over again.
When you touch, keep it there.
If she’s not comfortable, recalibrate, but if she is, the more the better!


Step 3: Exercise

I will give you a very simple exercise to practice this.
You have to practice this, that’s the only way of truly understanding this material.
This is Some Hands-On Knowledge You have to teach your body, not mind!

Grab a friend of yours, and touch him.
On his knee, shoulders, arm, whatever.

Ask him to rate your touch on a scale of 1-10.
Then, start playing with it.

Learn how 10 feels like, and how his body reacts to 10.

Go from 10 to 7. to 3. to 5. to 8.

See How smoothly can you control the pleasantness of your touch.
Do it using the knowledge I shared with you above!

Life is to short to keep things in your mind…
Let The World Feel IT!


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