How to Talk to Girls

Every man on this planet has to learn how to talk to girls. You want beautiful girls in your life? You have to learn how to talk to girls!

The main difference between guys and girls is the structure of our brain. We guys are more logical, while girls are emotional. Girls have communication centers in both hemispheres of their brain, while the male brain is not that developed for communication; therefore, we have to develop our communication skills.

6 techniques to improve your way of talking to girls:

1) Do not ask many questions

A really big mistake of talking to girls is asking millions of questions. Try to reduce questions to minimum. Tell stories instead, open her up with stories.

Questions suck the energy from a person and you do not want to look like you have nothing to say. Replace questions with stories. Want to find out what music she listens to – tell her what you listen to, and then she will reciprocate and open up with what she listens to.

2) Wide & deep

How to talk to girls - Badboy Lifestyle

Do not be a one-topic-guy. Open many interesting topics. Shift between topics. You want to make her feel connected to you, you want to get to know things about her, and let her get to know you. So it’s a win-win situation.

That is how you talk to girls. Topics you want to cover are: Music, Sports, Movies, Traveling, Holidays, Childhood, Family, Hobbies and Sex. Spend 5-10 minutes per topic and move on. Connect with her, let her feel that she knows you. Read more about building interesting conversation

3) Ask interesting questions

If you really have to ask a question, let it be the one she never heard before. This is your opportunity to be special. To be different. Every question you ask, every story you tell is your opportunity to score some points and differentiate yourself from all other guys. You want to look amazing in her eyes? Right? Ask her these questions:

“Tell me, what’s the last movie that made you cry?”

“If you could wake up tomorrow morning anywhere on planet Earth, where would it be?”

“When you were 10 years old, what did you want to become when you grow up?”

“If you had a time machine and could send yourself a note with one piece of advice to yourself age 15, what would you tell to yourself?”

4) Avoid boring topics

Most guys do not know how to talk to girls and they keep making them bored with men’s topics such as: cars, football, money, school, career, job, gadgets… etc. These are man-to-man topics and avoid talking to girls about it.

5) Be emotional


How to talk to girls - Badboy Lifestyle

Not too emotional, you do not want to be a girl and cry in front of her; remember, you are a man, a dominant confident man who is also interesting and knows how to talk to girls.

Tell stories that involve your emotions, but stay on the positive side of your emotional specter. Do not talk about negative emotions. Remember, a girls’ dominant part of her brain is the emotional hemisphere of the brain. Talk to that part of her brain.

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6) Lead the conversation

Do not expect from girls to lead the conversation. That’s not the way to talk to girls. You are a man, you have to lead the interaction and conversation. Shift topics, keep it interesting, ask interesting questions, tell stories, avoid silences and tell jokes…

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