How to Survive Summer Camp?

This article is for all of you who decided to attend this year’s Summer Camp and all of you who are still thinking about joining The Wildest Holiday and Best Training on the planet! Here are a few things that have been added this year: 

How To Survive On Summer Camp v2.0


How to survive on Summer Camp - Badboy Lifestyle


This year’s camp has been upgraded on many levels. All with one purpose, to give you better results, more girls, wilder experiences and the best summer ever. 

For you guys who know me, you are aware that every year I fine-tune things. This year several big things have been added/modified to make the camp even better. There is no seduction training that can be compared to Summer Camp.

Quality Preparation For Summer Camp (New)

Every summer camper now will come ready to the island. Your preparation for the camp starts the moment you sign up for it. The moment you sign up you are getting full access to Badboy School (Summer Camp edition), specially modified for Summer Camp (add-on materials).

This way you will get proper training before Summer Camp even starts.
Usually we spent 4-5 days on camp to teach everybody those basic theories. This way we got 4-5 additional days on Summer Camp! Less theory time, more infield!

2 Weeks – 2 Programs (INNER GAME + TECHNIQUES)


How to survive on Summer Camp - Badboy Lifestyle


Summer Week 1 – Techniques

First week will be all about teaching you techniques, strategies on how to get girls as fast as possible. Everything you learned at Badboy School, all moves, tricks, strategies will be fine-tuned, analyzed and integrated into your game. Making sure they work. Each night you will practice them with instructors behind your back watching you, giving you feedback and correcting your mistakes.
You will learn how to apply those moves and get girls from: clubs, bars, cafés, beach, after beach parties, streets, restaurants, malls.

First week is where we install all those player skills into you. And make sure they work.
Full 7 days of hardcore personalized infield training.


Summer Week 2 – Inner Game

Once you get all the techniques and you prove to us you can execute them, you are ready for week 2. We will focus on Inner Game. Teaching you how to think as a man, as a player, how to deal with life and problems, solving your mental sticking points, insecurities, depression, weaknesses and everything else that may be stopping you from getting girls. Principles in life, how to be a man, how to control your emotions, live a happy life etc.

This way at the end of Summer Camp you will have bulletproof Inner Game where you feel confident, dominant and you will have all the techniques to get any girl out there that you desire.
In these 14 days you will get it all!

Main House Got Upgraded

How to survive on Summer Camp - Badboy Lifestyle

Instead of the old seminar room (our lovely tent), now you have a pool only for you guys.

How cool is that?
You need a good reason to bring a group of girls back to the house? —>Pool party
You want to relax between sessions?—> Jump in the pool
You want to hang out with the guys and exchange stories? —>  Grab a beer and relax

We expect this pool to be full of hot pussy day and night during Summer Camp.

If you still haven’t, book your seat now!

More 1×1 Sessions

Because you asked for it, we are adding more infield time with instructors. Longer sessions & more sessions. All of that for one reason only. To get your game where it has to be. To teach you everything!

 Live Video Analyzing

Each day we will record several live approaches by instructors and students, then compare them and analyze them in the seminar room. A camera team will be on your disposal during the whole Summer Camp. If you would like your approaches and game to be analyzed by Badboy & Team, we will do it and analyze every word you say, every body language hint. Also, you will see our instructors getting laid when they are not working.

2 weeks that will transform your life.
There is no other training like that on planet Earth. In these 2 weeks you will get all the tools you need to have fun with girls for rest of your life.

Why Summer Camp Is The Best Holiday Ever?


1) Best New Friends


How to survive on Summer Camp - Badboy Lifestyle

How many friends you have that would go to some adventure & crazy holidays with you, pick up/seduce girls all day long and have fun on the beach? Everybody has 1 or 2 of those but then they have girlfriends, they can’t get holidays, this or that… and you never do it! It’s everybody’s story. On Summer Camp you have 20-30 of those guys.

Your new best friends, wingmen, comrades. Guys who are the same age as you are, guys who are on the same mission as you. They will become your best friends that you never had.
Every moment in these 2 weeks you have someone to go out with you, have a dinner, approach a few girls. Go to the beach, exchange stories. If one guy is tired for game, the next one is not. You will have a full house of potential wingmen to choose from.

2) It’s An Old Ritual

For millions of years, men used to spend days, weeks together in a group hunting. They would isolate themselves from women and spend time together sharing, bonding, eating, sleeping, fucking other women together. It’s in our genes and that’s why it feels good when you hang out with guys. It’s a male, Man energy. We guys need this “together time/man time”. It recharges you with MAN energy. This is what True Men do. They hang out together, they do things together, guess what we are doing on Summer Camp –> eating, sleeping, sharing crazy stories from the night before, fucking, hunting together. An old ritual that we men have been doing for millions of years! Wanna become a man? Hang out with other men!

3) Perfect Logistics

When you go somewhere alone or with a friend, you have to sort out your logistics, how you get there, accommodation, are you in the right place, when is the best time to be there, where is the party, which clubs are the best, where do you eat, what’s safe and what not… This scouting and figuring out takes lots of time.

On Summer Camp, all logistics is sorted out for you. We booked the best accommodation for you, sorted out where to eat, how to get in clubs for free, transportation, where to have sex with girls… all of it. You don’t have to waste your time and energy to “figure things out”, but instead use 100% of your energy and time to enjoy your holidays, training  and get as many girls as possible. You focus on what’s important. Leave logistics to us.

4) A Holiday You Will Actually Remember For The Rest Of Your Life


How to survive on Summer Camp - Badboy Lifestyle


Most of the people do not even remember what they have done last summer or where they have been. Why? Because it wasn’t anything special, it wasn’t anything you would remember for the rest of your life, it wasn’t an adventure!
In your life you do not remember “normal” and “ordinary” things.

You remember events and things that were outside of your comfort zone, you remember adventures, you remember “crazy” stuff you have done.
And having a good life is about having as much of those crazy moments.

Most of the people and most of you guys are living a semi-boring, almost predictable life, a routine throughout most of your year, and summer is actually the only time when you can go wild, live life to the fullest and create some amazing memories and stories that you will remember for the rest of your life. Summer is time to create those!

Picking up 2 hot girls from the beach and doing them together with your wingman in your apartment? How many memories like that do you have? This is what life is all about. It’s about those moments.


How to survive on Summer Camp - Badboy Lifestyle


Renting a stupid tourist red submarine just for you and your girl for 80 EUR (2h) and fucking her inside for the whole trip while the captain is driving you around thinking you are into coral reefs, and he has no idea what’s happening inside. See, our “normal” friends can not understand this kind of things and will judge you for it. They will think you are insane, you need help, you are not “normal”. You cannot talk about it with them. While Summer Camp is all about that.

We understand you, we encourage you to create as many stories like that as possible.
We actually compete for the wildest story on Summer Camp! This kind of stories you will remember when you will be 70 years old. And when you reach that age you will tell to yourself: “fuck, I had a good life!“. And NOW is the time to create those stories, not when you will be 50, 60, 70…

5 Reasons Why Summer Camp Is The Best Training On The Planet?

1) Value for the price

Most of our “competitor” companies are still doing 3-day bootcamps and selling them for the same price as Summer Camp. 3 days vs. 14 days? What would you choose?

2) Training goes up to 20 hours per day

Instructors are divided into 2 shifts. Day shift and night shift. This way we manage to get the training going for almost 24 hours a day. There are sessions going around the island any time of the day or night. You are free to join any of them. There are instructors available to push you and give you feedback 24 hours a day. How cool is that?

3) 1:2 instructor-to-student ratio

I have trained and chosen the 15 best guys to work for me. Guys who are as good as I am in this game. From true playboys to doctors.

4) It’s a lifestyle, not pickup

While everybody is focusing on openers and routines, we teach the whole lifestyle.
It’s not just being successful with girls, they are just one small part of the whole picture.
In the Team, we have:
Fitness guys who take care of your diet and fitness;
Phychologists who take care of your deeper mental problems (some guys have depression, and childhood issues);
Lifestyle guys who are teaching you how to sort out your lifestyle;
Badboy who will teach you everything about girls;
Inner Game guys who will sort out your mindset etc.

 5) 10.000 hot girls to practice on

How to survive on Summer Camp - Badboy Lifestyle


With the tools and techniques we give you, all you have to do is “implement” those things into your game. You can crash & burn as much as you want, you will never run out of hot girls to approach and you will never see those girls ever again in your life. Can you do 50 approaches per day in your city?

No you can’t, because you will burn all hot girls within 3-4 days. The whole city would know you. On Zrće beach with supervision of our instructors you can do 100 approaches per day and still nobody will notice. Because girls stay there for 3 days.

Fresh pussy every 3 days. Your game exponentially grows. Where else can you do 500-700 approaches in 14 days? Where else can you find 10.000 hot girls in one place? That’s why we choose Zrće beach as our ideal training ground. Hot Eastern European girls, nice weather, exotic magical island. We went to Ibiza, to a spring break in Mexico, to Greece, to Thailand, to Vegas, to Miami…

We tried it all. No logistics and perfect training environment like on that crazy little island.

Instructors behind your back

You like someone pushing you outside of your comfort zone? You need someone to help you approach girls? You need an expert to give you feedback after every approach?
How about we do that to you day and night whenever you wish? Remember, we coaches are available to you 24 hours a day.

4) Inner Game & techniques

This is a rare program nobody else does. Teaching you and solving your Inner Game problems & giving you techniques and tools to get girls. Yes, you need both, and we are giving you both. Two weeks is more than enough for both things.

5) Because you are learning it from me

You love my articles? You love my videos? Techniques? Well, imagine you can be with me everyday in person and get all this knowledge from the source! Listening, actively commenting, while drinking coffee with me in cafés on the beach. This is 100x more efficient than reading online.  No need for me to type for hours or you to wait and read. Teaching is direct.

So…what’s your excuse?

How to survive on Summer Camp - Badboy Lifestyle

You would love to come but you don’t have enough money?

Well that’s not a solid excuse, because if you truly want it, you will find a way to get money; last year one guy sold his car so he can come to Summer Camp, another guy rented his flat and moved to gf, some guys took a loan from a bank, some of them borrowed money from parents, friends… If you are strong enough this is not a real obstacle. Just like with anything else in life, if you truly wanted and you are dedicated for it, you will find an way, otherwise you will find an excuse.
you’re saying “I don’t have money”, it is like girls saying to you “I have a boyfriend“.

No holidays?

Well, book them, you have 3 more month to sort it out. No excuse here.

You will come next year?

Hehe, no you won’t.. There is no next year. I am tired of spending summers working like a maniac. While everybody is relaxing, enjoying the nice weather and fucking hot girls, me and my boys are working 20 hours per day. Stress, no sleep. I am over with it. This is for sure my last summer working like a madman! My Last Summer Camp. If you miss it this summer, sorry guys. You want to learn it from the best? You want the whole package? It’s your option… Red pill or blue pill?

Your Last Chance

I am giving you this Super Crazy Offer… You are getting the whole “Players” package for 2.950 EUR only. Yes that’s right… but it lasts for 7 days only. This is the last round of Early Bird signup. All you have to do is pay a 500 EUR deposit to secure your place.

So if you are thinking about joining this last Summer Camp, grab your seats now, because in a month there will be no room left.

Thank you for reading, hope we will be spending this summer together.

How to survive on Summer Camp - Badboy Lifestyle

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