How to Recover from Flakes

Raise your hand if you have NEVER been flaked on! …

I thought so… We have all been there, at some point in our life we have setup a date with a girl and she has either cancelled on the last minute or she didn’t even show up!

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And even though this happens rarely, if we know how to deal with it the right way we can recover the situation and the girl easily.

Key 1: Be a Gentleman

And not an asshole! First of all you don’t know if something happened with her, a family member got ill, she had an accident, etc.

So first of all try to understand the situation.

How to Recover from Flakes- by Badboylifestyle

Look, in the above example she apologized for “having to go to her friend”; fair enough, sounds like something happened to her friend.

Whatever it was I don’t need to know right now, if it was important enough I will eventually learn what it was; if not, who cares?

Now let her have her time to do whatever she has to do and consider whether she wants to meet or not yet.

Key 2: Take Your Time

Now it’s your turn, wait for her to reinitiate conversation and let her wait for your replies when she texts you.

After all, she was the one that cancelled.

If she reinitiates conversation after a while

  • She is into you and something that genuinely prevented her from coming happened
  • Keep texting with her and having fun, soon you can suggest another date or she will

If after one day or so she hasn’t texted you yet

  • She is not that much into you yet, so you reinitiate text – you open her like I explained in How To Make Her Text You post
  • After you have reinitiated texting with be honest with her to make her understand that it’s not nice to have flaked on you

In either case do take some time to reply to her; don’t reply straight away as if you had been waiting for her text forever.

Next step

Continue texting with her and building connection and attraction as explained in this earlier post. After a while you go ahead and ask her out again, which is what’s coming for next week.

Stay in touch guys, and have lots of fun during X-mas and New Year’s, remember that single girls are always more open to new guys these dates to not feel alone.

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