How to Play Direct Game: Infographic

In this article you will learn how to play Direct Game step by step. There are 10 steps that you have to go through to deliver a perfect Direct Game. Many players get confused and they do not know how to play direct game in good and efficient way. This infographic will sort out this problem once and for all.


How to Play Direct Game: Infographic - Badboy Lifestyle


3 Elements of  Seduction

There are 3 different elements, or accomplishments you have to do to when seducing a girl. You have to get her sexual and get her thinking about sex with you to the point where her panties are wet.

Once you accomplish that, you have to sort out her friends to the point where they are ok with you taking her away from her. This is not an easy job to do.

Once you covered those 2 things, all you have to do is to take care of Logistics, so you can get her to “sex location” as smooth as possible.

  • Get Her Panties Wet

This is the most crucial stage in seduction. It all depends how good you are in seduction. It can take from 5 to 30min to get her sexual to the point where she wants to have sex with you.
There are several preparation stages you have to do to get here. Exact steps you will see in Infographic below.

  • Become friend of her friends

Some guys get really good at first element but they fail here and they get cock-blocked by her friends. The better you get at direct game, the more comfort you will have to give to her friends.
Her friends mean a lot to her and she won’t do anything without their permission.

  • Sort out Logistics

Once you are playing with first 2 elements and you see its going well , you have to start thinking about Logistics as well. Where you will kiss her, how you will take her home or to a place where you are planning to have sex with her.

This transition has to be as smooth as possible.



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All these steps of Direct Game you can learn in Club course inside my Life Academy. Club module has easy step by step explanations for each one of this elements. All you have to do is learn and implement those elements into your Game. Check out Badboy school and start your training.

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