How to overcome fear of approaching girls

This blog post is about how to overcome fear of talking to strangers, specially approaching smoking hot girls. But let’s look at fear itself first. Why we feel fear is a total normal and important evolutionary function. The ability to avoid dangerous situation saved our existents, saved our specie ! Even the fear of approaching girls made unconscious sense to you.

Thanks of this approach anxiety you avoided talking to strangers, and stayed the nice guy your mama wanted you to be. But now it’s time to change this and overcome this fear.

Why are we afraid of approaching girls?

While some fears as heights or spider makes at least some sense, the fear of approaching girl’s makes very little sense on the first sight. So why so many people have a hard time talk to strangers? Basically because of one reason: The fear not to be good enough.

HOw to overcome fear of girls by BadboyLifestyle

Any worst case scenario of an approach ends in a bad feedback for you. Maybe you are afraid that she reject you because you are not good looking, rich or fit enough. All this doubts have their roots in the fear not to be good enough.

The feeling not to be good enough express itself in approach anxiety

The two bullet points to overcome this fear and get the feeling to be good enough are:

-Masculine energy


With more masculine energy you will be more dominant and less focused what others think about you. It’s the warrior side of manhood to focus on your own goals. With the ability to suppress thoughts what other could think about you, the fear of approaching and rejections will noticeable drop. This is basically the same thing what happens when you are drunk, just in this case you are fully aware what you are doing.

A supreme way how to overcome fear is to be in integrity with your desires and actions. This means that you change your mindset and beliefs that there is nothing to fear in talking to strangers. As example through a smart self-talk, you can teach yourself that it’s absolutely normal to approach the hottest girl during the day.

Ways how to overcome fear


Start Apporach Anexity course  with dedicated missions and hypnosis tracks inside 360 Inner Game program.

In my infield coaching’s, I push my clients really hard, so that they get some experience. Because I believe that one of the best ways to overcome the fear of approaching girls is, to learn that most girls react quite well and even a rejection won’t harm you. Facing your fear will slowly remove it.

The feeling of not being good enough is a core topic of our Inner Game Workshop. In the Workshop we use all our methods to figure out, what in your life gave you the feeling not to be good enough and fix it. The goal is to feel alright the way you think about you so that you can approach whenever you want, without agonising what others may think about you. If you are really interested to solve the problem by its root, I can recommend you serious inner Game work. You as a Man, you have to be free, you have to free yourself from what’s stopping you to achieve best in life. Badboy talked about it here

Proper tools for removing any kind of fear you will get in Hypnosis module of Inner Game Course

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