How to Maximize Results in Minimum Time?

The rules of the world are very simple.
For anything you want to get, you have to give X in return.

This X comes from the amount of resources you have.
It can be X money, X time… or X Energy 🙂
And anything you want to achieve will need a proper amount of these resources to get it.

For Example, let’s say your End Goal is to Become a Master Seducer:
1. You can go out for 3-4 years every day, trying to figure out how this works, making all possible mistakes… (Time + Energy)
2. You can pay a GOOD coach to train you for a month (Energy + Money)

My point is, the more you want to save on one resource the more you will have to invest from the other 2.


No matter what you want to achieve, you’ll always have to Take Action for it.
Taking Action requires Energy.
Yet, How much Energy, is a different story.


Taking Action

Whatever you might want to achieve requires taking the right action.
If you want to build muscles, you have to work out.
If you want to get somewhere, you have to start walking.
If you want to get a girl, you have to approach.

The right action will be the action that gets you the most progress in the least time & energy. Efficiency is the Name of the Game here.
You can lose weight by working out a lot or simply control your food.
There are a lot of actions you can take for different results, but there is always the one that will be the best.

Action that’s confronting a problem directly is mostly the most efficient one, but not necessarily.

Knowing which action to take is something you either learning from people who already achieved what you want to achieve or practicing enough to figure it out yourself.


Action alone can be very tricky since it is supposed to bring results if it’s the right one…

That is only true if you are fully aligned with this action, in your body, in your spirit, and in your mind.


Action without Intention is Blind

EVERY Action Needs Focused Intention.

Think about your actions as a beam of light.
A regular beam of light from the sun can be warm, hot even, but that’s all…
However, if you use glass to make this beam of light more concentrated, you can literally BURN stuff.

That’s like an Action combined with intention.

If you really want to succeed, you need to combine your actions with focused intention to get the best out of them.

Our mind and consciousness are amazing.
When you implement them into your life you can create amazing set of results!

It’s true for everything you’ll do, not just girls.

Doing a workout when you don’t feel like it is not enough.
Because if I do a workout without even pushing myself another step forward and I stay in my comfort zone, I would never progress.

I did this experiment with going out and approaching girls.

One time I went out and said “I will just do my best” without any specific intention.
I was out for 4 hours and I did 6-7 approaches, and Nothing Happened!

Then, I went out saying to myself I will only be out for 1 hour and I have to give it all in this 1 hour.
I did 10 approaches in 1 hour and things were progressing much better for me!

The mindset in the 1st part is “Everything is ok, let it flow, no rush, I do as I feel” which has no real intention or focus at all.
The mindset in the 2nd part is “I only give 1 hour, and I have to make the best in 1 hour”.

Using intention I saved myself a lot of time AND got much better results.

Intention and Focus require more energy, much more, but the efficiency is over the top!
4 hours without intention are more tiring than 1 hour full of intention, and the results of the later are MUCH BETTER!


And Then it Came Up to Me…

“What would happen if I put my full focus & intention for ONLY 1 SET?

This is what I asked myself.
Not much time had passed before I tested it in the field.

And it was Astonishing!

Results I needed 10 sets to get last time I went out (for 1 hour) took me 3 sets this time!

That’s right.

“Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows” – Tony Robbins

You have no idea how much power you have in your focus & consciousness.

I challenge you to TEST IT YOURSELF!

Take something you want to achieve in life you are already doing on a regular basis.
Working Out, Your Business, Your Game, Whatever.

Now I want you to do it with 100% focus and intention to succeed.
No matter how hard it is, keep yourself focused.
No Distractions.




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