How to Make Out With a Girl in Less Than 5 Minutes

how to make out with a girl

How to make out with a girl is one of the most crucial steps in seduction. You will get better with experience, you can get even better following these important guidelines on how to make out with a girl.

So, how to make out with a girl?


How to make out with a girl - Badboy Lifestyle

Have a good conversation

The foundation on how to make out with a girl is a good conversation. You won’t be able to kiss a girl or make out with her if you are not talking to her or if your conversation is awkward. Therefore before you even start thinking about how to make out with a girl you like, you should prepare the territory first. Let her enjoy your conversation and company, make sure she is having fun with you, that she likes being with you. This way you will build the foundation on which you can take things on the next level. To make out with her. First off, making out is a very delicate and fragile moment. If you fuck up one small thing or she feels it’s not right it will not work. It’s better not to try to make out with her or kiss her than do it under the wrong conditions or at the wrong moment.

Build tension

Slowly start adding more sexual tension and sexual compliments to the conversation. Read How to turn a girl on for more techniques on that. This will put more sexual tension in the air. By doing so she will start thinking and seeing you as a potential sexual partner. Making out cannot come out of a clear blue sky. It’s a process, it’s a natural flow of things. Make-out sessions are prepared. The best make-out sessions are when she feels something towards you. Therefore be sexual, tease, be a challenge, do push-pull, have fun with her… do as much things as possible to create a tension between the two of you. It takes 5-10 minutes to build sexual tension.

Looking at her lips

One excellent way to announce to her that making out is coming soon is by gazing at her lips. You should start doing this 5 minutes before you go in for a kiss. Your plan how to make out with a girl has to be clear. Timing and logistics. Start looking at her lips as she is talking and imagine kissing those lips. She will feel it. She will start thinking about kissing you as well. This is a go-first trick. You go into an emotion first and the person next to you will pick it up and feel it as well. Just like when you feel nervous, she feels nervous as well.

Choose logistics

The most crucial element in the whole segment on how to make out with a girl is where you make out with her. Can you do it while you are surrounded with her friends? Very likely not. Can you do it in an open café where everybody is watching you? Probably she will feel uncomfortable. Therefore choose the perfect place to initiate the first make-out session. A place that’s isolated, but still safe and comfortable. Be smart when choosing the right place for the first kiss. This is how you think when deciding how to make out with a girl!

Chose the right moment

Let’s talk more about how to make out with a girl, next to perfect logistics you have to choose the perfect moment as well. Once you created some tension and you sorted out the logistics where you will kiss her, continue running smooth conversation and then go in and kiss her.
As well you can spot the girl which is ready ( horny) and proceed to sex asap. Watch this amazing course on recognising horny girls.

While waiting for the perfect moment be aware of the environment. Sometimes it all feels fine and then in one moment her song comes out and she goes high-energy. Jumping around and dancing. The moment has been destroyed. That’s why you want to do it while she is in low-energy mode. While she is sitting is probably the easiest and best moment to kiss her. Because you are controlling her energy.

Kiss her


How to make out with a girl - Badboy Lifestyle

One of my favorite ways of making out with a girl, or kissing her is using verbal kiss closes… I will give you a few that I have used thousands of times:

“Tell me on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as a kisser?”
She: *(whatever she says)*
You: “Let’s see…” move in and start making out with her

“OMG, you have fake eye-lashes!” (point to her eyes)
Her: “No, I don’t!”
You: “Close your eyes, let me see…”
When she closes her eyes, get closer and kiss her on her lips, start making out.

It is very important to understand how to make out with a girl for the first time because if you miss your chance or blow it, you may not get another chance. Therefore do not sit and wait for the perfect moment, but create a perfect moment and execute it.

Resistance and persistence

Sometimes you will do everything and she still doesn’t want to make out? Well, that’s life… Sometimes you will have to try to kiss her 2-3 times to get a proper making out session. Girls like to be chased. If she feels too easy she will resist, if she feels nothing towards you she will resist, if she moment or logistics are not right she will resist, if she feels uncomfortable she will resist. Resistance is a part of the game. If you blow an opportunity, wait for 10 minutes and try again.

Use this formula to recover from bad making out attempt:

1) Wait for 10-15min
2) Move on to new logistics
3) Use a new kiss close technique

Whenever you re-try to kiss her, do it at a new place (logistics) and use a different technique to kiss her.

Stop making out first

How to make out with a girl - Badboy Lifestyle


You kissed her? Perfect. The first make-out session should go for 20-30 seconds and then stop it first. Yes, I know you want to kiss her more, you will do it later. By stopping the session first, you gain control. You don’t want to be in a position where she is interrupting sessions and controlling them. Make her wish for more. Then a few minutes later you can go in and continue. Usually girls are doing this to guys (stopping first ). Well, let’s steal it from them and use it against them. It’s so powerful.

Combine making out with conversation

If you want to smooth out your techniques on making out with a girl, then you need to know how to mix make-out sessions with conversation sessions. 5 minutes talking, 2-3 minutes kissing. By doing so, you will notice each make-out session will go deeper and longer, she will be more and more into it. She will be more and more turned on.

And this is how to make out with a girl, if you follow those easy steps you will be able to make out with any girl that you desire.

You will get really good on how to make out with a girl if you practice it. Practice making out with girls at least 2 times per month. Try to kiss some new girls at least once or twice a month. Don’t let it happen that a month has passed and you haven’t practiced your “How to make out with a girl” techniques.

And remember once more, knowing how to make out with a girl is essential especially if you’d like to eventually do more than just kiss her.

While you are on this topic, read also how to make a girl love you.

What’s your favorite line/way to kiss a girl? Share it with us…

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