Learn how to make her text you

All of us have thought about this at some point in life:“ How to make her text you ?”

Well, fortunately it’s not quantum physics; Then, again, it’s not as easy as pie either. And here’s the good news, the more you do it the better you will become on make her text you.


First of all, we have to consider logistics: did you just met and got her number on the street, did you meet her in the club the other night, does she work with you, is she girl you met some time ago, etc.

Why do we need to take this into account? Because based on this you will approach one way or another. You see, depending on how long ago did you meet and whether you have spoken much or not, you will have to initiate conversation nearly as if it was a cold approach or in a more warmly way.

We already went through what you should write in your first text and some templates, here you will understand why those texts need to be that way and how you can create your own.

The key Formula

This is the key to make her text you for sure, these 4 things:

  • Do not over-write
  • Ask her a question
  • Tease her
  • Make her smile

Do a couple of these and she might text you. Do all 4 of them in one text and she will.

How to make her text you

How to make her text you - By Badboylifestyle


Now be patient. This is crucial and comes along with “do not over-write”. You see, if you over-write you sub communicate nervousness, neediness. Same thing happens if you don’t wait and just text her again and again: you are saying “I am longing for your reply”.

Girls like confident guys, not shy boys. So the message has to be long enough to say what you want and be easy to read, but not give it all away.

Make her ask

Do not deliver all information to her for free. Make her ask for more, make her needy!

Say you are are attending a marketing seminar. And she asks you where are you?

Don’t be like :

“I am on a Marketing seminar, doing this and that”… etc.

Instead just reply “I’m on a seminar” and she will start fishing for more information. What kind of seminar? Where… tell me more…

This is how to make her text you. Make her think more about you while she is texting you.


For beginner, so you have some attraction, you focus on the 2 easiest things :

  • Do not over-write
  • Ask her a question

That question has to have a reason why you ask it. Write the intent of your question and ask it. For example :

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With the kiss emoji she understands it´s more that good to have met her. Talk “about that movie” as if I wanted to continue the conversation, making it the reason to continue conversation, thus suggesting the coffee. Read full explanation of Emojis here.


You didn’t create so much attraction yet, so add 3rd factor into your text:

    • You have to tease her


You were more direct and created attraction, so all 4 of them:

Notice that the tease will make her smile. It will depend on how good or bad the tease is as to whether she will smile or not. Its not only about How to make her text you often, but that those texts and packed with her attraction towards you.

Guys, stay in touch, and see you next week!

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