How to Kiss a Girl

These 5 elements will explain to you how to kiss a girl, any girl out there. If you follow these 5 simple rules you will never again ask yourself “How do I kiss a girl?”.


A kiss does not just happen out of the blue, a good kiss is prepared, planned, executed. It’s a sniper shot execution. That is how to kiss a girl! You prepare everything and then you just execute it.
The first things you have to prepare are location and logistics. Kissing her in front of her friends or a bar full of people staring at her? Kissing her over the dinner table during dinner? This won’t work. Why? Because you are making her feel uncomfortable. That’s not how to kiss a girl. Read more about leading

A kiss should be private and intimate. How about you take her to a nice lounge, where you can sit down with her on a nice sofa and you are alone, chilling, drinking wine and listening to soft, cool music?

Then all logistics is set, now it’s just left to take care of the timing and to kiss her. Or during a private party you isolate her on a balcony or somewhere with less people and then you do it. 
That’s how you kiss a girl. You prepare it all before, so there is no risk. Then and only then you will have 100% execution.


How to kiss a girl - Badboy Lifestyle

One more very important element of “How to kiss a girl” is when you kiss her. You cannot just take her and kiss her out of the blue, you have to create a moment where she wants to be kissed. If you choose the moment when she is not ready you will get rejected and you will feel and look needy and awkward. We do not want that, right?

As you are talking to her you should be more and more looking at her lips, every so and then switch from looking at her eyes to her lips, then back to the eyes, by doing so she will unconsciously start looking at your lips and start thinking about kissing you. This technique is called “Triangular Gazing”. You are building a tension for a kiss. Also, what you can do is whisper to her ear “I am resisting myself not to kiss you” and then pull back to normal conversation (push-pull). If you have done these 2 things, tension should be in the air and you may proceed to the next step.

How do you kiss a girl (which technique do you use)?

You took care of the location, not much people around you? You think you have a good timing? Perfect! Now it’s all about how you kiss her. I will give you several of my favorite techniques on how to kiss a girl in any situation out there.

1-5 rating

You ask her: “Tell me, on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as a kisser?”
Her: “I dunno”/“Good”/“Great”/“10”/*whatever she says*
You: “Let’s see…” – move in and kiss her

“I am resisting myself not to kiss you”

How to kiss a girl - Badboy Lifestyle

This one can be used as a “moment building” technique, as well as for a kiss technique. You just come closer to her ear and whisper “You know what? I am resisting myself not to kiss you right now… and I can’t, I can’t…” and move over from her ear, look at her eyes for a moment and then shift to her lips and kiss her.
Besides verbal kiss techniques, you can learn spins, handshake kiss moves that are perfect for kissing girls in bars and clubs.

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