How to have multiple relationships

Today is becoming more and more normal to have multiple relationships.

Frequency of new people we meet per day has increased dramatically in last few years.

So let’s talk about how to have multiple relationships and keep them rolling (you can also find a course to master this area on my Life Academy).

Guys and girls, both are being involved in multiple sexual relationships in casual way until they find the one partner for longer period.


How to have multiple relationships if you are single

If you are single, it’s totally normal to date few girls at same time.

No one can judge you; no one can call you on it.

You are having fun; you are going through screening of choosing the right one for yourself.

Girls do not like feeling that they are just being one of many, so therefore do not run their nose against it. Hide other girls away from them.

This is how to have multiple relationships when you are single.
It all comes down to good time-management and lots of texting.

Keep them happy, keep them close to you, and organize them in different days in week.
As long as girl is getting enough attention, sex, freedom and companionship from you, and she is happy she will stay, and won’t bother much with how many other girls you have.
Clean your place regularly from hair and other belongings girls usually leave after them.
Toothbrushes, tampons, earrings are time-bombs placed in your bathroom waiting for other girl to find it.
Keeping your place clean and neat is crucial for happy single, multiple relationship management.

Some of girls will probably fuck other guys on a side as well, so be smart and use condoms with your girls.

How to have multiple relationships if you are in relationship

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This is holy grail of management. How to have multiple relationships that are serious with you and all girls are equally happy.

You have to options here as well:
You can lie about other girls (you are the only one) or you can be honest about that you are in relationship with other girls as well.

I prefer being honest

and that lead me to one of most beautiful moments of my life.

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The biggest problem is finding 2 girls that are compatible with each other and will accept each other.

This is a project that takes some time.

That’s why you have to date and go through lots of girls to find this perfect match.

One of the best things in life that you can experience is being with 2 girls who truly love you and love each other.

Life simply cannot get better than that.

Once you find 2 girls like that you slowly have to introduce to each other.

First thing what you will do is set up a dinner with both of them and explain them situation, it’s a moment where you will have to be honest with them and explain them what you would like from them.

This speech has to be perfect, it’s a make it or break it moment.

You will have to choose your words carefully.

2 girls sharing guy in long term relationship is not on list of girls fantasies, so you will have to make it as their fantasy.

But it’s very possible.

I have tried lots of different strategies on pulling 2 relationships into one, and I found speech and strategy that works the best.

Full dinner 10min speech for this, you can find in my dating & relationship course inside Life Academy.

Lying to girls is stupid and foolish.

True man do not lie, we do not play with their emotions.

Being honest and open will take you to journey of biggest pleasures of your life.

You should strive; you should push to experience true love from 2 girls at same time.

It’s worst all struggle and pain to get it.

It’s one of highest pleasures man can experience in this lifetime.


Bon voyage,


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