How to have fun seducing her

There is this one main issue when it comes to seducing girls: It’s more a mental mistake than anything else.
Wrong frame of mind I would say. This is just one of these wrong frame’s that will cut your chances with girls.  Guys take meeting girls too seriously.

Last weekend while doing 1×1 coaching I noticed this pattern again. Guys take meeting girls like a business meeting. They approach with energy as if they are about to sign some kind of contract with her. Looking at it from outside if feels like they are discussing politics of nuclear science.

Change in energy is needed, change is approach is needed. Change is viewing life is needed.

I understand while you are seducing girls, talking with her, you are analyzing everything and everyone, you are thinking what to say next, you are taking care of body language, and you are doing million of other things, but you cannot forget fundamentals of why are we doing this. you cannot forget to have fun in the process.

Look at it from a female perspective

How to have fun seducing her - Badboy Lifestyle

She is single, she works the whole week, in the evenings she is going to the gym, studying for her exams… the week goes by fast. Then, the weekend comes. She wants to go out to have fun, to release all that tension accumulated from work. She wants to escape her reality. She wants to have fun

And what you guys do?
They approach and talk about her life, what she does, they are fully logical and focus on exchanging information. Then trying to have sex with her. Of course, it fails. A girl is not enjoying, she is not having fun. There is nothing there for her.

Don’t be a clown

There is a big difference approaching people and entertaining them. This is what stand-up comedians do, clowns as well. Try in your next approaches to entertain Yourself. Have fun, laugh at your jokes, laugh at her jokes, find things that are amusing.

“ You know what, you have an amazing body, you should be having sex as much as possible because it looks like there will be only Cybersex on our phones in future”.

Take small stupid things that we do daily and make fun of it.

You will see girls on cell phones in a nightclub on Tinder. – Make fun of it.
You will see girls standing on bar hoping someone will approach them – make fun of it.

But don’t make fun as a routine as a robot or because you read it somewhere (here) or because you have to do it. Have fun with things that are fun for you, amuse yourself, enjoy being there.

The whole energy of your being with change the moment you start to have fun with yourself and with others. You will become lighter, you will spread energy around you, you will become attractive.

I always recommend for you guys to learn how to talk with girls. This secret will boost your results in any kind of talking, anywhere.

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