How to Be a Real Men

Mindset is a very complex thing, and its a big part of good Inner Game to be a real man.

How to be a Real Men

Lets start your change with basic  beliefs that players mindset has to have to be confident and successful with woman.

1) Rejection is a part of the game.

Every player is aware of this. We all get rejected, and we are totally ok with that. There is no ego there, no crying or pain, its simply part of the game. Most of rejections that we encounter actually has nothing to do with us. She is actually rejecting herself.

Girls are emotional creatures and you have to understand that. She is pissed off, she has a period, she is angry on her friends, her nail broke, her bf broke up with her, some guy before me got her pissed off... You approach her in wrong state.
Of course, the better you are in Game, the more of those situations you can recover.

2) Be willing to walk away from her any moment in the game and be a real men.

There are millions of girls out there, your girl or that girl you are talking in club is nothing special.
The moment you start delusion yourself that she is special you are losing power.

Girl will start to control you. If amount of bullshit created by her is bigger then what I would like, bye-bye… and walk away from her. Be willing to walk away from her.

3) You are the Chooser

How to be a Real Men - Badboy Lifestyle

She can choose only from opportunities that come to her. She is limited on her choices. But you can walk up to any girl in the club and start a conversation. You are a real chooser. Realising this is a first step of a Direct Game.

4) Dating multiple girls vs one?

Why multiple girls?
Why not?
You will never be fully satisfied  with dating one girl only. After some time you will get bored of her energy, body and you will want change. If you can get one, you can get one more. Dating 2-3 girls is much more fun then limiting yourself to one girl.
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5) Love but don’t be in love

This is something that most players do not understand, and once you violate this rule, you will end up in a problems.
You will have to meditate a lot on this belief to really understand it.
You are allowed to Love your girls, but do not fall in love. There is a big separation from Loving and Being in Love.
Man love, boys fall in love.

5) Man do not apologise for his desires.

You like her, tell her.
You feel you want her, act on it.
Do not betray your Instincts.

6)  Conquer all your fears, become free

Getting freedom is a greatest things you can achieve in this life. Free of social programming, free of fears that control you, free of things that are stoping you to be happy.
Write a list of your fears, and face them, fight them, play with them, until you WIN.

Just think of how would you fell  if you would live with  no fear to approach that hot girl, to escalate under 5 min?, How it would be to love life without fear?
You are not that far away from that life..

See, In order to become a Player or a guy who is surrounded with girls, you need 2 things :
Good Inner Game and Techniques. Both are equally important.
Inner Game gives you confidence, power, feeling good in your skin,
Technique gives you : knowing what to say, what to do, how to kiss her, seduce her, get her home..
Together they are really Powerful.

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