How to get most out of Summer Camp

In Summer Camp 2016 I was awarded as a “the student who made the quickest progress”. Here are some advices from an ex-student for those who want to get the most out of this amazing intensive training:

#1 Having faith in the teaching

Commit yourself to the process. Once you arrive in Novalja it’s not the time to be skeptical anymore. You already made the decision to be here. Stay away from paranoia. Now it’s time to focus on the training. You will learn from the best on this planet. I know that most of you watch videos from some celebrity PUA instructors and you get very enthusiastic. Truth is that the majority of those people are not even as quarter efficient as Badboy’s instructors like Julius or Germinator. Welcome to reality. You made a very good decision to go there. It was one of my best decisions I have made.

#2 Stepping out of your comfort zone

Be the best version of yourself. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone as much as possible. Seriously expose yourself to as many uncomfortable situations as possible. Actively take part in the training. This way you will get reference experiences which will serve as the building blocks of your confidence – “The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences”.

What helped me many times was saying to myself: “No running away now! You’re not going anywhere! It’s easy to hide from instructors, coaching, and other guys while on Camp. You came here for a reason! You are going to go there motherfucker and you will do it all!”. That was my mantra. It almost felt as if someone was grabbing me by the neck and putting me back in place. This thought helped me in situations when other guys were making excuses and started saying that I’m relentless. I think this was the core reason why I got so much success during and after camp.

#3 Respect your instructors

Seriously collaborate with your instructors. Ask for their feedback. They will be more than happy to help you – even those who look like scary motherfuckers. Respect them all. For me, it was easy to accept their suggestions because every single one of them was far more experienced than I was. I believe that most of you are in a similar place. You will like some of the instructors more and some of them less – that’s normal. You will need some type of the sessions more, and some less. I am sure that you can learn something unique from every instructor at the camp. Do as they tell you. Your mind will try to stop you. What I like the most about this whole thing is that you experience things that simply seemed impossible to happen. You will be doing things that one can only see in Holywood movies.

#4 Remain optimistic

Expect results, but don’t demand them. Don’t demand success from the environment, girls or instructors. Have faith in your progress. Stay positive about the results. Go day by day. Success will come. Remain optimistic. This is a big one. Just because you weren’t lucky in the first few days does not mean you will not succeed that night. My best night in the Summer Camp came in the final days of training. It was a night where all knowledge and skills clicked together like a puzzle. That night, in the beginning, didn’t appear to be amazing at all! I woke up around 23:00 tired and low on energy. I was asking myself is there a point in going out if don’t feel like doing it. I remembered however that emotions come and go and took the effort to prepare myself and go out. I took a shower, dressed my best clothes and had a drink with some other cool students in my apartment. That night I created the best story I brought from Summer Camp. So don’t give up.

#5 Master your state

There are going to be things that may put you out of balance. Maybe you will get rejected very brutally at some point. Anytime that happens – try to get yourself in the best possible mood again. No one is going to do that for you. Master your state. Find ways to make yourself feel great again. Be the best version of yourself. Life on this planet will try to find ways to piss you off. Regardless of that – get the most of your life. Live a life that you will enjoy remembering. Don’t hate yourself for not being able to feel awesome 24/7, but don’t give up without fighting.

#6 It’s fun!

Sex is fun and so is the Summer Camp! That training is SOOO MUCH FUCKIN FUN!! Don’t take yourself too seriously. Dance like a retard! Scream the fuck out your lungs and lose your voice! Get crazy! Say the most ridiculous things to girls. Who gives a fuck? You will never see them again. Everyone is having holidays over there. Always pay attention in what direction your conversation/interaction is going but don’t cling to the outcome. Have as much fun as possible while practicing the game. Remember, its your holidays as well.


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