How to get her to bed with Texting skills

How to get her to bed? Recently someone approached and asked me “She lives far away, how can get her to bed when she comes if I haven’t had a chance to escalate?”

My reply was “Escalate virtually”.

This is a rather long topic to explain in one post, but here you have a recap of the first bit of escalating on text message.

Look, we (men) are very lucky.

Girls are very imaginative and they sometimes enjoy themselves more using their brain than by physical stimulation.

So when you guide her emotions sexually, either physically or verbally, you guide her to bed.

How to get her to bed? You can do it: here’s how

First of all you have to have a connection with her, if there is no connection she will rarely respond to any sexual talk; only the odd one every now and then will follow through.

Now, before you continue reading you need to know this: only escalating on text game or over the phone will always be slower than escalating in person.

So take your time, be patient: results will come.

When you talk with her you have to throw little compliments to her as if they were pebbles: big enough to get noticed but smallenough to be completely harmless.

This complementation together with connection will lead to virtual sexual escalation.

The start

You start with little compliments, about her looks, her eyes, her smile, her legs, etc. anything you like about her you can compliment.

But you don´t just give her a compliment “your eyes are very pretty”.

Instead, you say what you like about her and how does that make you feel.

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How to get her to bed - by Badboylifestyle

You comment on how that makes you feel by:

  • Saying you love that XXXXX from her, or
  • Saying what you would do because of that “I cannot help thinking of your long legs and how I would go all the way up on them…”

Once she starts complimenting back, game is ON

Go on!

Once she starts complimenting you back you carry on talking and complimenting her, however depending on the level of sexuality in the compliments:

  • If her compliments are not very sexual yet you carry on making normal conversation and increasing the level of sexuality in your compliments: she will do the same
  • When your compliments are more sexual and so are hers, you increase level of sexuality to the point where you start picturing what you will do when together

How to get her to bed

When you have her in that point, make it clear that she would have to be there to “truly feel you” to start planting the idea in her head. Eventually what you need to do is sort logistics for her to come over or you to go get her.  For more info read Invite girls to your place article

We will be discussing this in further depth next week guys, meanwhile stop thinking and start doing!

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