How to Get Girls

How to get girls, let me guide you through the ultimate guide on the subject.

Yes, we all like to be with beautiful girls and have fun with them. Getting them can be a problem for some guys. Most of you guys do not meet enough girls in your daily life. How to meet and how to get girls is the question of the day. In this article I will teach you how to think like a Player/Playboy and show you how to get girls in different locations.

When hunting for new girls, the first thing you have to ask yourself is “Where can you meet girls? Where are they?”. Let’s go first on where you can meet them, and then let’s talk how to seduce them and how to get them. It’s a basic hunting strategy. Find them —> get them.

Each environment is a little bit different and unique in its own way. The game you play, the strategy you use, your energy has to change from place to place. You would look stupid if you use full sexual approach from club in a low-energy environment such as a café or Starbucks. You would look like a social retard. Why?

Because you didn’t calibrate. Social Calibration in one of the key elements in seduction. That’s why in my Life Academy or on Summer Camp or any of my training I spend a good amount of time making you develop that social calibration and Social Intelligence. Social and emotional intelligence is the key.
Let me pull out the key points for each place where you can meet girls.


Café – How to get girls in cafés

How to get girls in day time

A café is a really easy place to meet new girls. Since girls love to socialise, talk and hangout in cafés, there will be lots of opportunities for you to approach, start a conversation. Before you say “NO, I can’t do this”, let me tell you, yes you can do it. Everybody can do it. This is what I teach guys on a daily basis.

I have seen the most confused and insecure guys on the planet mastering table/café approaches. Proves to me that everybody can do it… It’s all about using the right techniques and having the good teacher. It’s actually really simple. Girls usually hang out in cafés for hours, and it’s natural that they run out of things to say, every conversation gets boring after a while, and bits of silence happen in a conversation. Those moments are the easiest for you to approach girls and engage them into a conversation. It’s a low-risk approach. Everything you say will be more interesting than the silence they have.

But a real man does not wait there for hours for silence to happen. He goes in and engages them in an interesting conversation whenever he wants to. With the right techniques and the right approach you do not have to worry if they are talking or staring at their cell phones. Powerful and dominant “hands-on-table approach” solves it all.

Hands-on-table is how you get girls in cafés. It’s designed and tested all over the planet. It simply works. For café situations you have to have 2-3 good conversational openers that trigger a good instant conversation. Your approach has to be low-key, with energy level calibrated to the surroundings (low energy). Where are you going to sit? Sorting out the chair is crucial. How to get girls and outsmart them? Always think 2 steps ahead of the situation. They can’t do that, they live in the moment.

Openers, ways to get phone numbers and move girls to another location, full hands-on-table-technique, infield approaches with all other stuff you need for this you can find in the Day Game course inside Life Academy
Cafés and terraces are really easy and good places to meet new girls. Good weather is coming, summer is almost here, more and more girls hang out in cafés and outdoor terraces. Master your Table Approach.

Bar – How to get girls in bars

How to get girls in day time


Way more aggressive environment than cafés. Mostly people standing in a small crowded bar. Your energy has to be more up, you have to be more energetic. Bar game is more about being social than a full sexual game like in night clubs. You have to differentiate Bar vs. Club Game. You can do less approaches in a bar since everything is smaller and more visible. 1-2 approaches per bar. Bars are usually considered as a “pre-drinking” place.

Place where people meet before they go together to a club. It’s a warm-up for the night. So don’t expect you will approach a girl and pull her home at 11 PM. Her night has just started. Again, social intelligence! Think like a player. 
How can you use this information I just gave you? See, if you approach group of girls around 11 PM and spend 20-30 minutes with them, you can easily move them to some good club in the area around midnight.

“Hey girls, there is this amazing new club that just opened… we should go there”. Get them excited and lead them. Don’t sit on your ass when you are “in set” talking to girls. Leading, and moving them around is a crucial component when we are talking about getting girls. Again, always think 2 steps ahead.

 For you guys who are attending my Summer Camp this year, you will practice this in Cocomo Bar and then bouncing girls to Zrće Party Beach for sex. This will be one of the ways  you will be getting girls during Summer Camp. An amazing practicing facility.

Night Club – How to get girls in night clubs

How to get girls in clubs

This is a real battlefield. The place where every good seducer/player can test how good he really is. Clubs are the most sexual places where you can meet girls. Lots of sexual energy, and it’s expected from you to be sexual and dominant.

Girls go to a club expecting to have fun with guys. Some of them are ready for more “fun”, some for less. But you have to give it to them.
 5 elements that are crucial in clubs: Dominance, Body Language, Sexual Energy, Voice Projection and lots of Physical Touch. You have to understand club dynamics and use the right moves and more direct/sexual approaches to make it work. Best hours to pull girls back home for sex is between 2-4 AM.

Clubs are the easiest place to get girls for fast sex and one-night stands. Of course it comes down to a good game:  recognizing the right girls, delivering the right lines, sexual escalation, leading, timing, body language… All of it.
You feel good in clubs?
All tools you need for mastering club game and pulling girls the same night you will find in the Club Game module of Life Academy. It’s the biggest module of all (12 hours of material + lots of live infield approaches).

Public Transportation – How to get girls on trams/buses
 (bus/ tram/tube station)

How to get girls

Nowadays all girls are on their phones with earplugs listening to music, disconnected from the world. Situation is totally different than in cafés, bars, clubs… Again, you have to be calibrated and socially smart. None of other approaches can apply here.

It’s really interesting how you have to fine-tune your approach and energy from scene to scene. Calibration is what makes a successful guy.

 In situations like this I prefer to be really low-key and “safe” in the first 1 minute. Not to scare her, shock her. Instead create a smooth transition from her exiting her world, and coming to mine or “our” world.

“Hey, let me ask you something…” with a warm smile on your face and then follow up with some neutral opener, than few minutes later when she relaxes, “to be honest with you, I didn’t approach you to ask you ___, I approached you because I like you and I want to get to know you…
”. You can go light-direct as well: “I don’t know why, but I really like you…”.

The biggest issue in public transportation is not actually you and her, it’s the people around you.
 Your mind has been programmed to think “what will others think about this, this is not OK, everybody is listening”. And THIS is your biggest problem. 
This is actually an Inner Game problem + handling social pressure (people staring at you)

The reality is that most people actually do not care at all. It’s all in your head. The attention span in today’s society is 1 second. They look at you starting the conversation, nothing happens, they look away, back to their phones.
“What will other people think”, “What will others think about me”, “How can I hide so no one sees”. 
Reframing that belief is crucial for success here, once you reframe this belief, all those thoughts and social pressure are gone. 
Instead thinking about what others will think about you, you start thinking:

“Watch what I will do with her”
“Let them enjoy the show”
The world is my stage

The exact way to reframe beliefs you will find in the Inner Game course

In the comment box below write which environments and places are the most interesting for you and we will cover them in the next session.

Bon voyage,


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