How to Get a Girlfriend in 10 Steps

How to get a girlfriend – step by step

Having a nice, good girlfriend, it’s something that can change your life. There is no better feeling in the world than having in your arms someone who loves you and is willing to do everything for you.

Let this be your guide on how to get a girlfriend.

Step 1 – Define what you are looking for

You have to be smart when it comes to finding the right girlfriend for you. Can any girl out there be your girlfriend? Hell no! There are lots of girls who do not like “boyfriend- girlfriend relationships”. On the other hand, there are girls dreaming to find a guy like you and be with him. So, it’s all about finding the right one and converting her into your girlfriend.

But it all starts with you, with what you want.

How to get a girlfriend - Badboy Lifestyle

You have to define what type of girl you are looking for and which qualities she has to have. This is a crucial step because it will reveal where you can find her (step 2).

Take this project seriously and I guarantee you, you will have a girlfriend within 2-3 months.

Make a list of things you are looking for in your future girlfriend.

Like this:

  • Romantic
  • Interesting
  • Likes sports
  • Sweet
  • Likes to cook
  • Takes care of her looks
  • Likes chill-out music
  • ….
  • ….

Be as detailed as possible.

This is the first and most important step in finding your ideal girlfriend. Know exactly what you are looking for!

Step 2 – Where to find her

How to get a girlfriend - Badboy Lifestyle

More important than how to get a girlfriend is where do you look for her. You can be the best guy on the planet, but if you are looking for her at the wrong places, you will never find her.

The world is a big place and there are millions of subcultures out there. It’s all about filtering. You’re not going to look for a nice, sweet, romantic girlfriend at a Metallica concert… would you?

Step 3 – Meeting her online or offline?


How to get a girlfriend - Badboy Lifestyle


If you have done the first step correctly and you know what are you looking for, the next step is to ask yourself, where do those girls hang out during the day and night? What kind of apps do they use? Where can you meet those girls, when is the easiest to meet them… As I said you have to be smart about this. Filter your target group.

Most guys nowadays are too scared to come and talk to her in a bar, club, café, school, but rather they hide behind text messages and social media or dating apps.
There are some great dating apps like Tinder and they have lots of girls.

The good side about online dating is that it takes no confidence and skills to start talking with girls. There are millions of girls and you can have lots of fun.
The cruel reality is that online dating is very ineffective and time-consuming (takes too much time), it takes you averagely a week of texting with a girl to get to see her.

Another downside of online dating is that it’s overused. Girls are being bombarded with text messages. You have to see how an average girl’s Facebook inbox looks like. Tons of guys trying to chat her up. Needy guys fucked up this chatting hardcore for all other men on this planet.

Once you find a girl you like and you know where she hangs out, you will have much better options if you approach her and start a conversation with her person-to-person, you will immediately separate yourself from all other competition.

Girls are complaining more and more about this; recently I met this hot girl and she told me how she goes out and for the whole night a guy is looking at her, smiling, she is smiling back, they flirt non-verbally the whole night, but the guy has no balls and confidence to come up to her and talk to her, instead the next day he adds her on Facebook and starts texting with her. How sad is that?  

Girls are more and more disappointed in men. So if you ask me – be different, turn this to your advantage, get confidence, approach her and start a conversation with her. In this blog you will find millions of tips and tricks for how to make the conversation interesting, how to make her like you. You do not need to hide behind your cell phone. Learn all the skills here and you will be able to find a girlfriend whenever you want to.

Places where good potential girlfriends hang out:

  • Library
  • Cafés
  • Nature
  • Parks
  • Language schools
  • Home parties

Opportunities to meet a cute, beautiful, sweet girl are everywhere. Be social, hang out with girls, but still stay a man.

 You can find more tips like this at Life Academy on the Dating & Relationship module.

Step 4 – The best girlfriend material type of girl

How to get a girlfriend - Badboy Lifestyle

As we already said, not every girl is a good relationship material. Best relationship type are emotional girls, who are little bit shy, but inside very romantic, faithful, loyal, they love to read books, family is important to them, they usually do some yoga or some dance.

They can still be very good lovers in bed, but they are really aware of their feminine energy and they respect a man as a man. You will recognise them really easily; round emotional faces, and they do not stand out in big groups. They can be very insecure and hard to open up. It takes time for them to trust someone and let him in.

Step 5 – Talk to her


How to get a girlfriend - Badboy Lifestyle

Wait for a perfect opportunity when she is alone, come up to her and start a conversation.
Be honest, be direct, be a man.

Just come up to her and say: “I don’t know why but I really like you and I want to get to know you… who are you, what’s your name?”.

Yes, it takes lots of confidence to come up to her and start a conversation, but guess what – all that confidence will be rewarded. Girls actually notice those things, that you had balls to come up to her and start a conversation vs. all other guys who are trying to add her on Facebook as a friend. Girls like to be around guys who are sure of themselves, because it makes them feel safe to be around them.

Just like her main selling point is her beauty and being sweet and sexy as a girlfriend, your main selling point is confidence. Use it.
Remember that those sweet emotional girls are usually very insecure about their life and themselves.

Once you start talking with girls you will be surprised that there is nothing scary, they are sweet, innocent girls who are looking for someone to love and someone who will love them.

Step 6 – Get to know her

How to get a girlfriend - Badboy Lifestyle

When we are talking about how to find a girlfriend, it’s important that she gets to know you.

In a conversation, open a variety of topics and get to know her, open up yourself and make sure she gets to know things about you as well. Inside these topics try to find as many common points as possible.

Try to connect on things and interests you have in common. Like, both of you like rollerblading or art… whatever it is, talk about it and use it to create some future plans on it …”Wow,  there is this amazing art exhibition in town this month, we should go check it out together.” Girls love when you show interest in them and you start taking care of the future.

Rule 1# of finding a girlfriend – create future plans

On every thing you find in common create a future plan that involves both of you together.
This way she will start seeing herself doing things with you in the future.

Topics you want to cover in a conversation are:
Music, Hobbies, Movies, Childhood, Holidays, Traveling, Food, Drinks

Topics to avoid:
Money, Problems, Negativity, Job, School, Sex

You can find more tips like this at Life Academy on the Dating & Relationship module.

Step 7 – Get her number

How to get a girlfriend - Badboy Lifestyle

After the conversation make sure you get her number, so you can stay in touch with her. Do not beg for it, do not be a pussy to ask for her number, instead be a man. More about how to get a number in the right way you can find here.

Don’t be needy

Remember, you like her but you do not need her. Girls hate guys who are too needy, who are desperate to be with them; you have options, you are happy with your life, you do not need her to be happy, but still you would like to try and make it work, you enjoy her company, you enjoy being with and talking to her. That’s your main framework.

Don’t be too available

Just like neediness is not good, being too available is not good as well. You have a busy life, you have things to do, at least 4 days in the week you are busy. The more unavailable you are the more she will respect the time she spends with you.

Step 8 –  Convert her into your girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend - Badboy Lifestyle


This is one of the most important steps of  “How to find a girlfriend”, and the most fragile one.
Go to as many dates with different girls as possible. To gather as much experience as you can. On each date you will learn something new that you will use for converting that one into a girlfriend.

When you are taking your potential girlfriend out on a date, be careful what kind of dates you choose to go to. A date shouldn’t be boring. Have fun, separate a date into several mini dates. Do something together. We call it “playtime”.
Girls love those kinds of dates.

Go-kart, ice skating, play air hockey, rent a bike; just do something different, do something that no one else did with her. Be different.

And then in the end you can take her to a dinner or a cup of tea or coffee.

Separate a date into 3 mini-dates. (1) Meeting – café, (2) activity (playtime), (3) chill-out lounge or food time.

Do not be pushy to make sex happen as soon as possible. If you do everything correctly, sex will happen naturally as a result of the girl liking you and enjoying being with you. So, focus on spending quality time with her.

Kiss her on the second date, somewhere in the middle of the date. Just her coming to a second date is a big sign that she likes you and she wants something more with you. Prepare the kiss (where you are going to kiss her) as much as possible.

 You can find more tips like this on Dating & Relationship course at my Life Academy.

Step 9 – First sex


How to get a girlfriend - Badboy Lifestyle


The first sex should happen somewhere in the first 3-6 dates. The longer you wait the more control over the relationship she will have. On the first sex you should focus on her. Instead of crazy sex, make love, be gentle but still with lots of passion. Make sure she has an orgasm or two. And do not forget to cuddle after sex.

After sex her body is full of oxytocin hormone (cuddle hormone), which will link her to you. Since you want a relationship, release lots of oxytocin and link it to you. The next morning she will feel she is in a relationship with you.

It’s not only how to find a girlfriend, but also how to create a good girlfriend and make a healthy relationship out of it. 

Step 10 – Keep dating her


How to get a girlfriend - Badboy Lifestyle

Congratulations, now you have a girlfriend.
Now you have to keep dating her, combine dates, sex, meeting her friends, going to movies, dinners… Maintaining a good relationship can take lots of energy and investment.

Make sure your relationship provides her with stability, adventure, pleasure and good sex, make sure she is happy and she will stay with you for a long, long time.

Now go out and start looking for a perfect girl for a relationship.


Bon voyage,


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