How to Deal with Her Friends Like a KING

If you are a sworn clubgamer like I am, you certainly happen to see this situation:
You are out in the club/bar, seeing this girl you really like.
You approach her, pass her tests, build a small conversation and everything goes smooth.
Now you start escalating and then BAM, her friends come in, take her and disappear!

You maybe see her again and try to reapproach just to discover she became a totally different girl and everything you’ve built is now gone.
And Now, You start getting pissed off.

Well, actually, it makes a lot of sense if you understand what I am about to teach you 🙂



Her Friends has a Big Part in The Game

Listen to me carefully because I will only say it once.
If you wish to get a girl, You Have to Get Her Friends On Your Side!

Girls consider their friends’ opinion deeply and they will almost never do anything against it.
This goes back to the biological mechanism of Social Skills.
While Men could survive alone and hunt, Women rely on the tribe for pure survival.
Male biology is oriented for physical strength while female biology is oriented for Social Skills.
If the tribe doesn’t accept you, it’s GAME OVER.

Some women have it in them to not give a fuck about what anyone thinks,
However, this only comes when they are older and have a more solid & developed personality.
You will see a girl like this in a club once in a full moon if you are lucky,
So we can’t count on that.

You are a man, and as a man, you have to take control of the situations you are in OR DON’T DO IT.



Her Friends Can Be Your Best Ally or Your Worst Enemy

Now that we are clear about WHY girl’s friends have a big influence,
Let’s dive deeper into WHAT is actually happening there.

Simply put, girls are emotional creatures.
They do things by how they feel and they feel dozens of emotions a day, Therefore, They are having a hard time making good logical choices.

The funniest thing is, THEY ARE AWARE OF IT!

Before girls go out they make their intentions clear to their friends.
“Take Care of Me so I don’t end up with some average guy”.
They trust their friends to make the logical choices FOR THEM!

However, there is 1 thing they don’t think about when they do this.
They don’t think about the fact that their taste in men is DIFFERENT from their friends’ taste in men!
Their friends will judge a guy by their PERSONAL STANDARDS and this is why even if she really likes you, her friends will still take her away.

“But wait, if that’s the case, why doesn’t she simply explain to them she likes me?”
Good Question!
There are a lot of reasons for that:

1. She doesn’t like you logically, only emotionally – you made a good job with her emotions and that’s why she was going for it, but when this emotional thread got interrupted by her friends she thinks about it logically and she has no real reason to go for it.
You fix that by creating a lucid image of you in her mind that she will like, and you do it using TCC.

2. She likes you, but she gives to much fuck about her friends’ opinion – she won’t admit she likes you since her friends didn’t like you, she doesn’t want them to think badly of her.

3. She lost interest by you not being able to deal with her friends – you showed her almost instantly that you are clueless about social situations and can’t do anything about it.
Social & Emotional intelligence are a HUGE attraction trigger.
Girls get wet from tons of things, but when they see a man solving social/emotional problems above their capability of understanding, their legs open like an automatic door in the supermarket 😉


Therefore, if you don’t solve her friend, you lose the girl.
If you do solve her friends, You WIN.



How Do I Solve Her Friends?

There are tons of techniques for that, and I’m gonna give you some here:

  1. Compliments – The moment you build a basic conversation with her, turn to her friend and start complimenting her till the sun shines out of her ass and her ego hits the moon down.
    Girls like nothing more than a compliment without any agenda and since you are not complimenting her to get her it works wonderfully.
    Try using special complement she will like, go for her style, tattoos, necklace, wisdom, damn it even protectiveness over her friend can become a compliment! (“I love how you take care of your friends, you are an amazing friend!”)
  2. High Energy – Good dancing skills, funny jokes, cool tricks (like Badboy’s Glass Trick), Energy creates TCC!
    You want as much TCC as possible with her friends without neglecting her, don’t go now 20 mins talking with her friends, she will think you lost interest in her and it can only create damage.
    But 2-3 minutes are usually enough, depending on how many friends you have to deal with.
    If it’s a big group, making the group as a whole to like would be awesome, however, you girl will have only 1-2 friends that will be the “cockblockers” and you should focus on them when you want to prevent cockblock from her social circle.
  3. Create Sexual Energy with them as well – this is an introduction for 3somes, but leave it for now.
    If one of the reasons they cockblock you is that you are not an attractive man by their standards, it only makes sense that you should make them see you as an attractive man!
    When you are playful and sexual with them as well, they will start getting turned on by you and therefore will allow their friend to get turned on by you as well, it makes sense to them now.



I think that’s enough for today, I gave you a lot to practice on,
Now all you need is to GO OUT & DO IT!


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