How To Date A Girl

Most of the guys out there have no clue how to date a girl. They have no structure, proper mindset and techniques for dating. Their success comes from pure luck, if a girl likes them or not. They have no control over dating. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. This is a total disaster.

You as a man can’t function on “sometimes” when it comes to dating. Can you imagine your car or computer “sometimes” working? Or a bank? All of this happens because of freestyling. Yes, guys freestyle when it comes to dating. No structure. Pure freestyling. With a freestyling structure, freestyling results come as well.

Some guys go on a date or a few dates with a girl, spend lots of money and get turned into “you are such a nice guy, let’s be friends” or even worse, after 3-4 dates you find out she has a boyfriend or that she is not into you… Or you do everything perfect, but the date goes nowhere. Resistance, nothing sexual, etc.. it all sucks.

See, all of that can be prevented with a good structure and mindset on how to date a girl.

Once you optimize all possible factors like logistics (cafés, playtime, timing, energy, proper planning etc.), then you have around 90% of success with dating a girl.

5 main rules on how to date a girl successfully


How to date a girl - Badboy Lifestyle

Rule 1# – 3 date rule

If you didn’t kiss her/had sex with her on the first 3 dates, you can forget about her, it won’t happen at all. You have 2-3 dates to start an intimate relationship/have sex with her. The peak of sexual energy between a man and a woman is on the 2nd date. If you miss this wave, it will turn into a friendship. It has to get sexual. More on how to date a girl and turn her on sexually.

Rule 2# – Playtime

While everybody is taking girls to dinners and movies, I have fun with them. Girls are bored with serious dates. My dates are physical, fun and challenging. I take them to ice-skating, go-carts, mini-golf, treasure hunt and millions of other things that makes it easy for me to give them a good time, break “serious date” mindset and create lots of physical touch which can escalate really easy later on. More on how to date a girl and get her horny.

So instead of cafés and restaurant type of dates, start having fun with girls. Start turning it into a play.

Rule 3# – 3 mini-dates


How to date a girl - Badboy Lifestyle

Ask yourself what is better?
To take her on a dinner, sit there and talk to her for 2 hours? Or in those 2 hours go for a coffee (30min), compete in go-kart for 20min, then sit down for a glass of wine in some lounge bar (45min).

And yes, this is the magic formula how to date a girl. Separate your dates into several small mini-dates. This way she has a feeling she was with you more than she really was and you achieve more things in a shorter time. And dates with you look fun, spontaneous and interesting. This is the proper way to date a girl, this is how your dates should look like.

Rule 4# – Man sorts out logistics

You don’t take her where she wants to go, you take her where you want to go. You are the one who is sorting out logistics. A woman has nothing to do with logistics. The moment you let her choose where she wants to go, things will fall apart because she is controlling the date and therefore the outcome.

The date has to be carefully planned and sorted out so transitions from one place to another are easy or that you on the end of the date arrive to a place where you can escalate more (kiss, sex). This is all going through a player’s mind when he is planning a date.
One small secret I will share with you when we are talking about how to date a girl.

Girls will always ask you where you are taking them. But she is not asking you to tell her the whole plan, she is just asking “how should I dress?” That’s the only thing she is concerned about. Her dressing style. By telling her where you are taking her, you just killed the whole mystery and her excitement about the date.

She doesn’t want to show up in a really nice expensive restaurant in a pair of old jeans or go to a zoo in a cocktail dress. She will look stupid and cheap. So take care of it when sorting out your plan on dating a girl.

How to date a girl - Badboy Lifestyle


Rule 5 – Avoid places other guys use

Do not be like other guys, be special, be “the one”. If other guys are taking them to movies, restaurants, café, you take them to bungee jumping, go-kart, jazz bar, art gallery, zoo, ice-skating etc.
A girl who is 24 years old has been on a restaurant date around 200-400 times in her life. It’s boring, she has been there and done that. You should be different.

How to date a girl and make her pay for it?

Of course, the whole money thing comes into question very fast once you start dating; they will always try to get you to pay for as many things as possible, they will try to have a nice dating experience while you are paying for her shit. The hotter the girl is the more of this mentality will come out.

One of my big secrets of dating is to turn the tables on them and get them used paying for my dates. This way I save lots of money and frame relationship in a proper way. It’s all about setting a proper frame. Some weeks I go to 4-5 dates with different girls.

Without being smart about it, I would bankrupt very fast. Therefore I had to figure out how to get them to pay for some dates or everything. A full frame reversal on making her pay for dates you will find in the Dating & Relationships course at my Life Academy.

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