How to Choose the Right Opener in 5 Simple Steps

Opener is the first sentence that comes out from your mouth towards the girl that you like and we use it to start the conversation.
As I told you in the last article there are 3 main types of openers:
1. Direct
2. Indirect
3. Reframe

Now you know how to create them by yourself and you probably have an arsenal of openers ready.
“But, wait, How can I choose which opener to use?”

I glad you asked!
In this article, I want to give you the 5 simple steps of opener delivery that will ensure you will be able to open girls in every possible situation and go into interacting with them smoothly.

Step 1: Recognize The Situation

Or in its other name, Logistics.

You have to take into account the situation you are in.
Although you don’t give a fuck about social conditioning you are not ignorant, you are well aware of the existence of social norms and the way it can affect a person, especially a woman.

When you want to understand the situation you will ask yourself the following questions:
1. Where are you? (Mall, street, bar, club, strip club, etc.)
2. Who is she with? (friends, boyfriend, parents, etc.)
3. How does she feel? (sad, happy, ignorant, horny, etc.)

Each one of those will affect the opener you are going to use.
for eg:
You will not come to her with “You are so fucking sexy” in front of her mama in the mall.
Instead, you will start “Indirect” talking to the mother and navigating slowly and smoothly towards her.
You also won’t come to a horny girl in the club “Do you know where can I get lightsticks here?”.
Instead, you will use “You are so fucking sexy” and pump more and more sexual energy between the both of you.

Play with that.

Step 2: Recognize The Type of The Girl

According to Badboy Lifestyle, there are 2 types of girls:
1. Emotional Girls
2. Physical Girls

Briefly, emotional girls are the ones that fit relationship, their emotions are driven from internal motives (love stories, romance, long walks on the beach, connection, etc.).
Physical girls are the ones that fit mainly sex-based relationships, their emotions are driven from external motives (cars, parties, alcohol, sex, muscles, money, etc.).

When you talk with an emotional girl, even though it’s in a club, you will have to create a deep meaningful connection with her in order for her to be able to have sex with you.
When you talk with a physical girl, even though it’s in the middle of the mall, you will have to be more intense and “bad” in order for her to be attracted to you.

This all starts in the opener.
You set the frame right from the start.

With an emotional girl, you will probably go for romantic deep opener “Your smile is so beautiful, I can just sit here and watch you laugh like this for hours” or even as simple as “I don’t know why, but I really like you”.
With a physical girl, you will want to be more intense and sexual “The way you move… it’s driving me crazy!” or as simple as “You are so fucking sexy”.

Step 3: Recognize Your Own State

Eventually, you are the one who delivers the opener, and if the opener doesn’t fit your mood, it won’t work.
If you are not horny, using a sexual opener will just be weird, for her and for you.
If you are tired, going for a funny high energy opener will also end up badly.

It’s ok to meet a girl when you are not in your best mood, it’s even amazing!
However, keep in your mind that the opener you use cannot collide with your current emotions/state.

Step 4: Deliver The Opener

Now you have the opener you want in your mind, just go and act on it!

Step 5: Recalibrate if Needed

One of the biggest life rules I took from the Vikings code is “Always Be Prepared, Yet Flexible”.

Although we made tons of preparations before, we are mere human beings, we all make mistakes and things don’t always go as planned.
You have to be flexible and be able to recalibrate your opener.
If she was in a bad mood because of some guy she is breaking up with, She will most definitely if you go direct without recalibration.
You: “You are so beautiful blah blah”
Her: “Please go away, I am not in the mood right now.”
You: “Ok, I will leave, however, let me put a smile on your face before that”
Tell a joke, change her mood, make her laugh.
She will LOVE you, and you will be able to keep going with her.


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