How to build confidence with girls

Do you how to build confidence with girls? They say that having a winning mentality is what matters in life. There are some that would argue that and at first they might have some valid arguments.

They would say that winners have talent, luck, money and that not all people are born winners. That is definitely not the case with women. When it comes to women having and keeping a winning mentality is everything.

how to build confidence with woman

What is a winning mentality?

Have you ever seen action movies? You must have. You know how the action hero no matter how bad his situations seems to be somehow keeps his cool and acts like he has everything under control. That is what I call keeping a winning mentality. He is acting like he is going to win and at the end he wins. Usually because the bad guys do some mistake provoked by the coolness of the action hero.

You could say that that is a movie and it is all staged and yet most of us will never be in a gun fight or fight zombies to survive. Tone the attitude down to your level and use some of that coolness at the bar or the dance floor. Who knows it might work.

Why winning mentality is important when it comes to women?

No matter how good she looks like she likes confident men. If you come to her as a wimp and say a stupid pickup line she heard a million times she will get rid of you without a second look because she know she can have a winner and you don’t look like one.

On the second thought if you hold your nerves and manage to start the conversation like you have done it a million times you can then use all the simple techniques that you have learned and take her home with you and when you get home she knows what she wants.

How to build confidence with girls?

There are many things you can do to gain more confidence. There are many popular solutions out there. You can go to the gym and improve your physical look or you can take dance lessons and be more confident on the dance floor.

You can learn to cook and get her to come for dinner and actually have it taste and look good. Whatever you do remember that you can’t become a winner before you start acting like one.




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