How to build Attraction in Texting

Attraction with text, in this post we will see how it can be created out of nothing by using only text messages, be that on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. This will be regardless of whether you already created some when you met her in the club or the street, or you didn’t do so yet and now you only have texting until you meet again.

Creating attraction with text messages

  1. If you created attraction in person, and unless you are only explaining logistics to go to bed with her, now she has to get comfortable feeling attraction to you and having fun with you on text. It will be easier for you to get her on a date if you created attraction and connection then, but in a later post we will see how to get her on a date
  2. If you still didn’t build any attraction in person, you will have to create it from thin air, or said otherwise, wirelessly

So let’s look at 2nd option which will be the case for many guys out there. Say you met on the street and you spent 10mins talking and took her number. She is interested in you to some degree, now you only need to make her be further interested in you.

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Text Attraction Foundations

First of all you have to consider, doing this takes a lot of time and patience.
By time I mean that you have to have 1-2mins free every now and then only, which is not much time actually, but creating attraction only on Text can take days, weeks or even months; thus you need to be patient when doing this.

During these weeks, or months, you need to keep in touch with other girls, as well as having fun and enjoying your life.

Conversation will only be casual at the beginning, and you will talk every now and then and let conversation die until next time.

At some point you will connect because you talk about something you really like or you really know about. You will use that topic to go deeper into conversation with her: remember wide and deep. Up until this moment you have gone wide, now is the time to start going deep.

Starting to create attraction

When you really like what you are talking about you will have fun with the conversation, and while so, you will tease her with adding some emoji to make sure she understands correctly and doesn’t misinterpret your words.

This tease will be for her to laugh with you:
e.g. you know she messed something up and tease her about it; she is afraid of spiders so you let her know to look under her sheets because yours escaped, etc.

How to build Attraction in Texting - Badboy Lifestyle



Potentially anything that once she realizes it’s a joke, she will laugh. Obviously none must be true, it’s only for laughs.

When she laughs she will use the laughing emoji or the “hahahaha” or something similar to that. Then you tease her once again by telling her: “But you are laughingemo1 or “But I made you laughemo2.

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Let Go

When you have teased her and she replies you will let the conversation die there and then, in high energy and a good vibe. Doing this will automatically separate you from the average guy who will always try to keep her talking, either fun or not fun conversation, only for the fact of talking with her. Said in an old-school way, you will be demonstrating higher value.

Remember, you have a great life to live, so talking with her is not your highest priority in your life.


Next day or 2 days later you tease or joke her so she will laugh with you again. She replies, you tease her once more and now eject “Talk to you later sweetie”.emo3 Now she has a good mood attached to your name on text.


Text transition from nothing to attraction - Badboy Lifestyle

Carry on

Repeat this process a couple of times, each time throwing more sexual energy, using sexual comments and emoji’s with the kiss (winking kiss or kiss emoji). This teasing and having fun will lead to date or sexting, depending on logistics.

Do not go for the close until your conversations are at least 50-50, so she displays at least same amount of interest in you as you. The more she talks the more likely she will say yes.

More next week on texting and game, keep in touch and I will see you on the next post.
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