How to be a Badboy

This is how to be a Badboy

Badboy’s are often considered as cocky jerks. But, they anyway seem to be a chick magnet. Girls love this kind of men – they are masculine, strong, confident, they are FUN. But, remember this – being a ‘badboy’ is not the same as being a bad guy. It’s about respecting yourself. How to be Badboy is simply placing your needs above her needs!

Nice guys are focused on pleasing a girl’s needs, doing everything she wants while forgetting their own needs. Badboy’s are focused on themselves. First they satisfy their needs and then they reward a woman (if she behaved according to his needs and standards). Nice guys give everything away too easily (their time, their respect, body, money), but how to be Badboy is to put more of a  challenge,  fun, to be interesting, full of life, a tease… Badboy’s are hard to get. The biggest difference between nice guys and badboy are : Nice guy needs her attention, needs her, while Badboy’s DO NOT NEED HER.

Badboy can walk away any moment from her and replace her with better girl. That’s why girls are chasing badboy’sThis is how to be Badboy :  you have to implement  this things in your Game/ Personality that will make girls call you a “Badboy”

1. Set the Boundaries/Rules of your love life. 

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At the moment woman  crosses the border of what’s allowed, you  walk away from them (approach another girl in front of her eyes) or even better, kick them out from your house/apartment. PUNISH BAD BEHAVIOR, REWARD GOOD BEHAVIOR should be your MANTRA.

Remember : The moment you start respecting yourself, they will start to respect you, this is how to be  Badboy

2. Be Late 

This is a 180° spin from Nice guy that will arrive earlier and wait for her. Let them wait for you little bit. There is an psychological effect with being late. Creating “I need him’’ frame is what professors on Uni do all the time, they are late on purpose for 15 min, and therefore create “they need me” frame. Everything goes smoother from there.2Be Non-responsive on her tests/shit.

To be Badboy you have to be more relaxed than she is, more in control,  and when she tries to provoke a response from you with something like “I have a boyfriend”,  just be very slow, non-reactive, with a smile on your face and in a 3 second delay respond with : “cool”.

3. Have a Life! 

How to be Badboy is to have your life full of hobbies, activities, interesting things you do. Girl has to look at you like: “wow, he’s living a life I would like to live.” + she understands your free time is a gift to her. She has to work to get  your time. She is just one more thing you do in your day not a hotspot of your day.

4. Be sexually open 

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Badboy’s are not hiding their sexuality. They are very comfortable with their sexuality. If he likes something on his girl, he will say it, or act on it. E.g. If she has a nice ass, he will spank her gently and whisper “yummmmmy’ to her ear. Badboy will express his mind, he will always tell what’s on his dirty mind . BADBOY’S ARE DIRTY!!! Read article about dirty talk here.  Girls love this, because Badboy’s allow them to fulfill their dirtiest fantasies, something they cannot  do with their “normal” boyfriends who may judge them for it.

5. Lead, Lead, Lead… 

You make decisions and do not hesitate – you know what’s good for her (and in the end, it is). Badboys take them to places where they feel good, comfortable… Badboy’s take over control so she ends up playing his game. That’s how to be a Badboy.
Learn everything about about leading and being a Badboy inside Life Acdemy

6. Take the Risk! 

Badboy’s are a risk takers, if they have to choose between safe route and risky one, they will  choose the risky route  and that makes an ADVENTURE (even if risks are very small). This makes a girl feeling ALIVE. It’s totally opposite from what Nice-guys are doing with them.

7. Be Unpredictable

They love when they can’t figure you out. Normal guys are predictable and easy to control because of it, but with with Badboys they have no idea what’s next, where they’re gonna end up, where he’s going to take her. That makes things so much more interesting for a woman. If she thinks you will take her for a dinner, you take her to Zoo, and other way around…How to be badboy is to be  unpredictable, have fun with them.

8. Make her buy you things

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Instead of spending money on her, flip the table.. and make her spend money on you. Not each time, but from time to time show up without wallet on date ( promisse you will pay next time hehe), or explain her that you expect from her to take you out somewhere.

 9. Focus on Yourself / be selfish

this is an core of Being an Badboy – this is how to be Badboy Nice guys focus hardcore of girls pleasure and make sure she is happy, and satisfied, which girls found :  Boring
So instead of trying just like any other guy to satisfy her ass, you flip the table. Example. You go on date where you want to go, not where she would like to go. You wanna see some cool movie in cinema, you take her there to see movie YOU would like to see, not what she would like to see! In your life your happiness is way more important then hers. You in-front of her. Your needs in-front of hers. ( until you move to relationship) then things will change. This is the core of how to be Badboy. Practice it!

Its up to you to choose will you stay in safe, comfort zone with girls and stay an Nice guy or will you become more of a Badboy. CHOICE IS YOURS! Make sure you read my book “Memoirs of a Badboy” packed with real life examples of how to be an Badboy in everyday situation with girls. Its an Book that will change your life.




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