How to Be in Control of Any Situation

As a man, one of the most important things you have to learn in order to become successful is how to be in control of any situation.
To be honest, the harsh truth is that in this world, in order to be a king, you have to act like one, and it all starts with Controling your enviroment.
To be exact, you don’t really have any control on your enviroment, but, you do have control over the actions and decisions you are taking as a result of the situation you are in, and this is what I want to teach you today.


Control Yourself

Before you can control the enviroment, you have to learn how to control yourself, it means that you need to know how to control your emotions.
Think about James Bond for a second, in each and every movie he faces death over and over again, but he never seems to get phased!
Do you know why is that?
The moment you let the situation control your emotions, is the moment you lose, when we face stressful situations, and adrenaline pumps into our blood, our body goes into its primal state, and the only way our primal state knows how to deal with stress, is the FFF mechanisem, Fight, Freeze or Flee.
None of those reactions contribute to us in most of the stressful situations we happen to face in our day to day life, especially when it comes to Sexual/Social Situations.
James Bond is controling his emotions in order to keep himself sharp, think about all of his options and catch the right moment to execute them when it comes.
You need to be the same, when your mind is clear, it has the space to hold the solutions that might come up, you cannot even imagine how many times this piece of advice helped me sorting out logistics, getting away of getting beaten up harshly, and probably even saved me from possible death few times.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪calm‬‏

The easiest way to get calm fast when you get into stress mode is called “Micro-Meditation”.
The idea is to do a meditation while in the situation, and the duration of it is 10-30 secs when you are untrained with it.
What you need to do is to close your eyes and take a deep breath all the way down to the tip of your toes, if you feel the breath did not get there, repeat the process, it might take up to 5 repetitions.

A better way to get calm is by being genuinely confident, the core idea of practical confidence is actually being relaxed in any situation you might fall into, it doesn’t mean that you need to stand and smile like an idiot when a lion runs after you, but yeah, if you can keep your thinking process sharp and active while running the fuck away, you might actually find a creative solution that will get you out of this before you run out of stamina.
In order to be more confident, there is one really powerful belief I always give to my students and I used it myself as well:
“Whatever Happenes, I Know Exactly What to Do”

Ok, just imagine the situation from before, you wake up in the middle of the jungle and in front of you stands an 800 kg Lion, very hungry, that starts running in your direction. Can you feel the fear?
Now, Imagine that you know the (false) fact that lions get scared of people who stick their tongues out (again, not true, don’t try it.), you are 100% sure that sticking your tongue out will make the lion disappear faster than a guy that hears his girlfriend brought a friend for him, how scared will you be now? What?! You are not scared anymore?!
Surprise surprise 😉

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪lion and a human background‬‏

Always knowing what to do does not mean you always have the perfect solution in mind, it just means that you believe in yourself enough that even if you were wrong, you will find a way to fix it eventually.
Remember what Badboy always say: “I Never Lose, I Either Win or I Learn”.
You ran into a situation you can’t seem to solve? Google it! Find Someone That Do Know! SOLVE IT!
You Can Fucking Do It!


Control The People

The next step in Controling Any Situation is controling the people around you.
I am not talking about hypnosis or manipulation kind of control, I am talking about LEADING.
The way leaders control is using charisma and dominance to get people moving in the direction they choose.
One of the strongest aspects of a true leader is that he is well aware of the behavioural patterns of people, and he uses this to achieve what needs to be achieved.
So let’s say you are talking with a nice girl in the club, if you happen to be aware of her female friends issues that might come up, you will know exactly what to do to deal with interruptions from their side.
I am well aware that her friends might :
1. get jealous because I approached her and not them (happens more than you think)
2. dislike me
3. concern for their friend’s safety
4. want their friend’s attention to themselves that night

Understanding the problem is half way to solving it.
How easy it is now? when you know exactly what is going through their minds?
Once you get you emotional and social intelligence to a high level, you will know exactly what goes through people’s minds, and therefor your mind will have a solution for it, once you give your mind a specific simple problem, he will give you a specific simple solution in return.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪concentrate man‬‏

Another aspect of controling the people around you is just being fucking dominant, people like to be told what to do when you say it right, move people around, tell them to do stuff for you, just make sure you give them something before you do so (complements, drinks, fun energy, etc.) or else they will not comply to your requests.
It’s important that you don’t ask, but command, in a nice way.
“Can you please give me your straw for a second?” < “You look like the nice one in the group ;), Give me your straw for a second”

btw, you can develope your eq & sq and install the belief from above with tons of tools and exercises we built for you in The Warrior Program, check it out!


Control The Environment

Weather, Locations, Time, Strangers you have no interaction with, in order to be perfectly in control of any situation, you need to consider those element as well in you decisions.
If you know it’s rainy outside, and you have no umbrella, how are you planning to take the girl with you to your car?
Taking those elements into consideration is the final step of being in control of any situation.
Like Badboy always says, “You can use anything that happens to your advantage or disadvantage, it’s your choice”.
For eg, I have a special tobacco which has special smells (chocolate, vanilla, apple, etc.), let’s say I happen to walk down the street with a girl I have just met / my date, and we had no choice but going through a risky street, I take into consideration that we might bump into weird gangs of guys that are not very nice, and I am not going to fight anyone when I have a girl with me, so, I roll a cigarette before, have it prepared, and go through there.
It happened to me once or twice that I used this trick to make the guys fond of me and prevent a beat down, when I saw them from far away, before they even spoke to us, I approached them, offered them a good smelling cigarette, they try it, love it, and immediatly liked me!
I even remember one time in a club that I did this with one guy, and later that night other guys tried to pick a fight with me, and he got in with his friends and made them run off, I would have never expect something like this to happen, but it did!

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪leader background‬‏


You need to see the bigger picture, it takes some time and experience, but you can fucking do it!
Just develop you thinking process, start imagining situations and solutions for them, when you know it might rain even when it looks ok, take an umbrella with you in the car, have extra coat if you happen to get a girl and she is cold, SORT IT OUT!

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Daniel Mercy
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