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In the end being happy is the most important thing in our life. In this article, you will learn how to be happy. At the end of the day, it’s not the achievements we made, it’s about how happy we were at this time. Let me give you a good start for more acceptance with yourself.

Gratitude & Awareness

The two keys to happiness are gratitude and awareness. No matter how awesome and successful you are, if you can’t enjoy or see it, you won’t be happy with yourself or neither with your life.

To get more happiness, gratitude, and awareness in your life, you need to change your attitude about it. You have to see those things as muscles, which need to be used and trained to grow. The best way to improve those “muscles” is with the following tips. Take few moments per day and appreciate what you have done so far! Be grateful!

How to be happy with yourself:

how to be happy with yourself - By badboy Lifestyle

Do not compare yourself with others

There will always be somebody who appears to be happier or achieve more.  Comparing yourself to “somebody better” will always make you come out worse.  And such comparison is unfair:  from the outside, you do not see what sacrifices he made to achieve what he has achieved and you do not compare the areas where you may be better.

Do not compare yourself to your “potential”

Your potential will always be pretty much unlimited.  You can always get better.  So comparing yourself to your potential makes you feel bad in comparison.

Don’t put yourself down

In lots of situations, you will fail in some tasks, its normal ;

lots, for example, you go to open a bank account. They reject you because of Xy. These kinds of situations happen to every one of us every single day. But instead of giving up, and blaming on yourself how you failed that neither banks want you, you learn a lesson from it, you go to another bank, smarter with new approach. Every life rejection should motivate you even more. You should be smarter and better. You will learn how to do this in Badboy’s Inner Game Mindset that’s coming out on October 31st. Reserve your copy here.

Don’t generalize:

If you want to know how to be happy, never say things about yourself like:   “I never….” / “I always…”  / “I cannot…”

Don’t fantasize about yourself (past / present future) and compare imaginary situations

Separate your personality from your behavior

Some of your behaviors come from learned habits of brainwashed rules by society. You are not your behavior – you are more than that! You can change your behavior, its something you will learn in 360 Inner Game program as well.

Right now 90% of your actions are coming from programming you have been exposed in your childhood. At moment, you are not in control of your thoughts, and most of your behaviors.

Do things that make you Happy

How to be happy? Well, do things that make you happy. And do it often!  The moment you start to placing joy and happy feelings in your life on daily basis,  you will start feeling amazing and you will start to radiate with Happiness. Don’t expect from World around you to make you happy, instead, you are in charge of your happiness. Its one of first lessons you will learn inside Inner Game.

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