How to be a Pickup Artist

There are few steps to you have to do to become an Pickup artist. First let’€™s explain who are pickup artists.

How to be a pickup artist

Pickup artist or PUA€ are guys who decided to stop free-styling when meeting and seducing girl and instead analyze and create an proper method for seducing girls that they can relay on that works every time. After Approaching and trying to seduce girls, we realized that there is  pattern, and by that pattern we created an Method for seduction.

Here are 10 steps how to be a Pickup Artist

Step 1) How to be a pickup artist “Understanding the female mind”

You have to understand that almost  every woman can be seduced. All you have to do is find her weak spot, find what she lacks / what she is missing in her life / relationship. You have to educate yourself on basic female psychology (watch full course on Understanding female mind inside Life Academy ( with lots of other courses)

How to be a Pickup Artist - Badboy Lifestyle

Step 2) How to be a pickup artist  – “Seduction Method”

PUA’s use basic seduction Method, and that is : First you create Attraction, then when she likes you, create good connection with a conversation, and when she feels connected, go for a close (either you get her phone number or you go for Kiss-close or isolate her and go for full-close ( Sex ).

Average total time invested with PUA tactics to close : between 15-30min
Read articles for : SameNightLays & Emotional Vs Party girls

Step 3) How to be a pickup artist “Buy new cloths”

Girls pay attention on your dressing style. If you are fat & ugly, but you dress attractive, girls will like you and everything will go easier later on.Cloths are important!

Choose some style, invest, update your wardrobe.
If you need some ideas on wardrobe and style, browse through GQ magazine.
You will feel better wearing new cloths and you will get higher level of attraction on your approach.

Step 4) How to be a pickup artist “Openers

Openers are the most important part of PUA toolbox. We use pre-planned opening lines to open/strike an conversation. For most guys that‒s one of the hardest thing to do(they free-style), but once you have in your pocket 3-4 excellent openers that work 100% of time and girls love it, then you have no pressure and stress at all. Opening becomes the easiest thing to do.
Prepare yourself a few openers : Here are the ones I use the most

Step 5) – How to be a pickup artist  – “Go out & practice”

Cold Approaches is something you simply have to learn. Good news for you is that most of the things things in seduction is a routine.

The whole seduction is one big routine, and once you understand how it works, you will start getting lots of girls.
All of the girls think and behave the same way. There are some cultural differences  but 90% of their behavior is the same. That is your advantage. By going out and practicing your skills, you will get familiar with their way of thinking. And then you will be able to predict their behavior and take advantage of it.

Step 6) How to be a pickup artist Learn from your Mistakes”

In first few weeks, you have to do as many approaches as possible, and make sure you learn from each mistake you do, that will fasten-up your learning progress. Do not be afraid to do mistakes, this is the only way how to be a pickup artist and how to get your pickup artist skills fast.

Do not let rejections and your stupid mistake discourage you. After some time you will start understanding everything and start getting amazing results!
You cannot learn this skill by reading books. You cannot learn how to play guitar from book as well. Female mind is way more compliczted then an guitar.

How to be a Pickup Artist - Badboy Lifestyle

Step 7) How to be a pickup artist– “Conversation”

Once you get good at opening  conversation,  you should also know how to keep conversation flow and make it as interesting as possible.

To get good in conversations , read this post and and to learn how to make her horny while talking to her : sexual conversation.

Step 8) How to be a pickup artist – “Be willing to walk away”

From the very beginning a girl / woman should know who is the Man in a relationship.
Let she feels you are the Prize, by showing her that you do not need her. You will do that by showing her that you not going to take any shit from her and that you are willing to walk away any moment.

Step 9) How to be a pickup artist “get a phone number”

When you get her in conversation, and she is enjoying it the next logical step is to get her on a date. The best strategy for getting an phone number is to be Honest and Direct.

Girls will read you as insecure if you start to bullshit and mumble  here, so remember and use this one :
You know what , I like you… I want to get to know you better… I am taking you on a date on (insert day)... ( hand her your phone) Here write down your number, I will call you with details.€..

Nick hame her  (works much better then just asking for her name)
Ask her : do you have any cool nicknames?
Most girls won’t have anything, so use something from conversation to nick name her:

Example : If she likes dog, write down in your phone €œ dog whisperer girl
Make sure you call her and give her a missed call, so she can save your number ( and you check is number valid)

Step 10) How to be a pickup artist “Prepare your Home for Girls”

Work out your Logistics!
Clean your place. Make it girl friendly
Last thing you want, you bring girl home and you lose her because your place is a mess.
Make sure you have a :

  • Bottle of wine or champagne in your fridge
  • Good mp3 playlist ( lounge music & Party music)
  • Few good movies on your movie collection
  • Additional toothbrush ( she will need it in morning)
  • Clean towels
  • Clean sheet on bed
  • Additional roll of toilette paper (girls use toilette paper each time they go to toilette)
  • Condoms prepared (in your bedroom
  • Massage oil ( keep it in your bedroom as well)
  • Get some sex toys ( handcuffs, dildos..etc)

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