How to Attract a Girl

how to atract a girl

When we talk about attraction, how to attract a girl and getting the girl to like you, we are actually talking about 2 layers on which attraction happens. How to attract a girl is more than just saying a few pickup lines or openers or using push-pull techniques.

Attraction is a really interesting topic for me and I have been studying it for 15 years. At this point I know everything about attraction. Let’s analyse how other guys think and what society tells you about attracting a girl or girls.

What is society teaching you?

  • Impress her with money;
  • Buy them drinks;
  • Take her to a nice restaurant;
  • Buy a better car;
  • Have a big home or flat;
  • Dress expensively;
  • Take her to nice places;
  • Show money, money, money…

This is the story of what society tells you about how things work and most guys without much brain buy that story and they try to collect all of the materialistic stuff. But at the end they fail because they don’t truly know how to attract a girl.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of girls out there who actually think that’s what they want and they go for those guys. We call those girls gold diggers.

Let’s get back to the layers I mention above. You can seduce or attract girls on a materialistic level. This is what girls “think” they need to be attracted to a guy. So let’s call this “social” level or “materialistic” level. It’s a layer where you are trying to switch her social attraction triggers. Impress her, show her people like you, you have money etc.

How to attract a girl with materialistic stuff


Lots of players and seduction companies still play their attraction game on that level. For me it’s sad to watch it. They are showing fake social proof, DHV, peacocking and all the other silly “techniques to attract a girl”. By doing so you are still running a “let’s impress her” game… You are trying to impress someone by cool stuff… This is not true seduction if you ask me. Majority of PUA stuff are still playing “let’s impress her”.

This can work, but it’s limited and still on a very superficial level. The true attraction comes from deep inside, from deep inside her genes and only once you seduce a girl on her biological level you can say you know how to attract a girl.

How to attract a girl on a biological level

This is the core of what I teach, this is the core of “Badboy Lifestyle”. While everybody is thinking “let’s buy her a drink so she likes me”, I go and play with her genes and what she truly likes as a woman. I go to the core, bypassing the logical mind and social bullshit of what she thinks she needs.

You have to understand that girls are confused as well, big time. On one level society is telling them one thing: find a nice guy, respect, equality etc. On another level her body and emotions are telling her “you want a guy who dominates you, who is above you, a guy who is strong, takes no bullshit from you”. She ends up in a frustration battle between her body and mind.

How attract a girl - Badboy Lifestyle
You have to understand that because of millions of years of evolution and millions of generations, some things got programmed into our genes. Caveman period. Just like we cannot control our feeling when we see a girl with big tits or nice round ass. Have you ever asked yourself why you are attracted to a nice round ass? See, Man evolved to seek out women who could procreate. And if her ass is perky and round, that means she’s probably young—which, in caveman days, would make her a good candidate to carry your cave child. And this is installed in a part of the brain you cannot control (primitive brain). It’s amazing how this works.

You are looking at that ass and will be attracted to her no matter if she is stupid, broke, underage, a girlfriend of your friend… Your primitive brain will bypass all logical reasons and still want to fuck her. And this is the key! Same thing goes for girls. This is how to attract a girl by bypassing her logical conditioning.

This is the level on which I play the game, or on which you should play the game. You trigger attraction on her primitive brain and all logical social things don’t matter anymore. You play the game on genes level, and it does not matter if you have no car, nice house, lots of cash. She simply loves you and doesn’t know why.

So what’s written in their Primitive brain?

Primitive brain triggers attraction when:

  • She finds a mentally or physically strong guy;
  • She finds a guy who makes her feel safe and protected
  • She finds a guy who leads and takes care of her and others;
  • She finds a guy who projects power and confidence;
  • She finds a guy who does the thinking for her and makes decisions for her;
  • She finds a guy who is above her intellectually;
  • She finds a guy who looks healthy and young.

In their brains these things cause an effect equal to ours when seeing a nice ass or good tits. They cannot help but to feel that attraction & sexual feeling. Triggering those things is the core of my method, it’s the core of why my seduction works every single time. Because I trigger their deep attraction triggers. They can’t control triggers.  Read about being Alpha Male

You have to learn how to play the game on that level. You are doing the right moves and things and she just feels attracted to you.
If you know how to trigger those deep things (and I can teach you), you become a guy she wants to have sex with. Materialistic things do not matter anymore. (at least for first sex)

So you can choose whether you will play the attraction game on a “society” level and try to impress her, or on level where you trigger the right things and she just feels massive attraction towards you.

Over the last 15 years I have designed and engineered moves and tools that trigger those things on a biological level.

Learn how attract a girl - Badboy Lifestyle

How to attract a girl with Badboy Techniques

  1. Hands on Table technique triggers her power and “above me” trigger
  2. Hands on Shoulders club approach, projects power, safety and dominance
  3. Physical leading gives her “he leads me and takes care of me”
  4. Open, dominant body-language gives her “he is physically and mentally strong”

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Once you learn all the techniques on how to attract a girl, it becomes normal that girls are attracted to you.
If you wanna know more about how to attract a girl, read Reasons why you need a good game!

Mark from New York used my techniques on how to attract a girl and wrote me an e-mail yesterday:

“Hey Badboy,
I tried your Hands on Shoulder technique and had this girl smiling. Thanks, you changed my life!”

Always remember that True Attraction comes from deep inside. And whatever you do try to seduce that “cavewoman” inside her. Forget about buying drinks and nice cars. Like we need tits and ass, they need dominance, power and protection. That’s how you attract a girl.

The majority of you guys have problems in this area, you simply do not have the “nice ass and tits” that girls are looking for. You do not have confidence, dominance, do not project power etc. and therefore you are not interesting to girls sexually.
Good news is that just like a girl can get a nice round ass at the gym or get a nice pair of tits (gym + surgery), you can work on your confidence, dominance, power and other things that are needed.
See, gyms are full of girls working on their bodies so they trigger our attraction switches. So you should work on your attraction triggers as well.




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