How to 3X Your Chances With Girls

You probably happened to bump into this situation at one point in your life.
You go out to a club or bar or even for a short walk in the park, and you see this beautiful girl sitting there waiting for you to come.
But Oops, apparently you were wrong. Since the moment you approached her she ignored you, gave short answers and acted like she was doing you a favor by being there.
You may felt either angry or disappointed thinking “Fuck this shit, she’s not worth it!”.

I feel you man… I also had those situations in my journey, I know how bad it feels.
However, after tons of trials and fails, I found a way to teach you how to overcome those situations!

Most men just decide to give up on the girl in this case.
In this article, I would like to teach you how to become unstoppable with those girls.
If you can learn how to keep going with them, you will have a cutting edge over all other guys and you will open yourself to a ridiculous amount of quality girls.

Let’s do it!


Her Side

If I could make guys into girls for one night so they can see how things look like from their point of view, I would be a millionaire.
Unfortunately, the best I can do is explain it to you with words.

The first thing you need to understand is that girls have their own life.
They also have jobs, bills, relationships and problems just like you.

The second thing you must know is that girls are much more emotionally unstable than men.
They go through 10X more emotions in a day than we do.

So, if we combine those we get to the conclusion that girls are easily affected by different occasions in their life.
And this, my friend, can either work for you or against you.

Now you’re probably thinking “ok, so the girl is not in the right state to get to know me now, I shouldn’t waste time on her”.
You are right, she is not in the right state to meet you now.

We all go through those bad states, it means nothing about us as human beings.
Think about it, when you are really furious you are less likely to be in a talkative mode with a total stranger.
Imagine girls are going through this almost every day.

Since she is not in the right state for you to seduce her,
all you need to do is to change her state.
Makes sense ha?

How do you do it?
using a technique called State Break of course.

State Break

State Break is perhaps the most effective technique to use in those situations.
The idea is to approach with more energy than her. 20% to be precise.

When you approach with 20% more energy than her, you have the perfect balance to knock her out of the state she is in now.
If you use more, you will be outside of her perception.
If you use less, you won’t have enough power to lead her to the emotional state you want her in.

Now, this goes beyond the approach.
You must maintain State Break as long as you need to snap her out of it.
Last night I went to the bar and I was approaching a girl that had a really bad state, she wasn’t even willing to respond to me.
I was laughing, having fun, playing games with her, for at least 5 minutes before she opened up to me, which is pretty long.
I couldn’t only be in State Break for just the opener, I had to maintain it all along up until she opens up and I could lead her state to fun or sexual or emotional or whatever the fuck I want it to be.

Tools for State Break:

1. Make fun of her, of yourself and of the environment (“This bar has the sexiest chairs in the USA”)
2. Play Games (XO, Thumb War, etc)
3. Complement her in a fun way (“You look so sexy when you smile, it’s a shame you are not smiling enough”)
4. Dance, either with her or next to her, make it fun

The more you get her into her body in a positive and fun way, the easier it will be to change her state.

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