Brainwashing – How society is controlling you

Yes, its true. Society is Brainwashing you.  Everyday society is slowly brainwashing you more and more. They want you, they need you brainwashed as a good slave to this society.
They are manipulating your beliefs, changing the way you look into things… they are controlling your thought process.

Did you notice lots of beliefs you have actually do not serve you well in your life? Did you notice lots of them are stopping you from reaching success and happiness that you want. Not only with girls, but in whole life.

You have to understand that you have been programmed during whole your childhood. Programmed to serve this society, to not think too much, to reach average levels in life, to think that you are happy. It  reminds me of Matrix movie. Remember Matrix first movie and scene of millions of souls attached to computer? We live in similar society. It all start at schools, they do not teach kids to think with their heads, but instead to learn how to memorise and repeat knowledge. This is where first levels of brainwashing starts.

Kids grew up and stay in same mindset and they struggle with life, live average jobs, marry average or ugly looking girls.
Only because the wrong model that has been installed into their minds. 90% of problems that you are fighting with on daily basis with yourself comes from bad beliefs.
Some of us managed to escape this destiny by fighting against it and removing those mental sticking-points. But most of people decide to go with the flaw and live life by society rules. Wolf’s Vs sheep’s.

How society is brainwashing you - By Badboy Lifestyle

Let me tell to you how did they Brainwashed you :

1) TV & media brainwashing

There are so many wrong beliefs that they installed into your mind trough movies and shows. How many times you saw during movies nice car and then good looking girl. next to it ( when you buy X you will get Y)

How many times you saw, a guy paying for girl dinner, drinks, stuff. All those things and many more became totally normal.

2) Parents brainwashing

Remember your mother saying to you how you have to be a nice guy and girls will like you, how you have to be gentleman, respect girls, help them. You shouldn’t talk to strangers… etc etc etc

3) Society brainwashing you

thought different media installed that :

– you have no value
– that you are not good looking
– that you cannot be happy unless  you possess X / Y

Most people on this planet, as well YOU my dear reader took those beliefs and principles for granted. You decided to live your life according to them.  You have to understand that this basic package of mindset you got from society is not designed for success and happiness.
In a reality lots of those beliefs do not serve you. You end up fighting with Approach Anxiety, with not loving yourself, not accepting  yourself, that girls do not like you and many other self limiting beliefs.

You have been programmed to Fail

The ultimate goal of this journey is freedom, freedom from all those bad beliefs, freedom from all things stopping you to fully and totally enjoy your life. Freedom is where you choose what you going to believe. To achieve that you will have to attack and fight with some of beliefs that are installed into you. Beliefs that you take for granted today.

Just imagine society has done opposite in your childhood, If they thought you how to love yourself, how to value yourself, that sky is the limit, if they gave you knowledge how to think, right attitude how deal with problems. Yes they could have done that as well, but then you wouldn’t be a good sheep. You wouldn’t pay taxes and obey laws.

Remember that it’s impossible to control happy person.

You have to do what most of us already did. You have to change the way you think, the way you talk to yourself, the way you see yourself. Its a process that takes time. Its a personality change.

You have to remove all beliefs that are wrong. And yes that is possible as well. Once that is done install beliefs that are right and that will serve you as a Man on this planet.  Serve you to reach your potential. All of you deserve to have hot, beautiful girlfriend ( or more), nice car and good cash flow. Society will not give you those things. You have to fight for this. Your current software is not compatible with this things.

If you feel something bad about approaching hot girls, it means someone, somewhere has installed something in your mind so you feel that way.

In upcoming 2 weeks we will focus only on Inner game. We will help you to initiate process of  changing your mind for better.  These 2 weeks of Hardcore Inner game will prepare you for something Big that’s coming.

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