How to Prepare Yourself For Going Out

How to prepare yourself for going out?

You want to go out this weekend, be with good energy and get some hot girls? Well, you have to prepare yourself. If you ask any pro athlete or sportsman, football player, they will tell you it’s all in the mental preparation. In order to perform the best, each player, each athlete has his one little routine how he prepares for a match/game. We seducers do the same when we are going out. You want to go out and be in the best shape, best energy possible. In this article I would like to reveal a routine I developed over the years and that works for me perfectly.

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See, some days you just don’t feel good, you feel tired and you don’t want to go out, but your friends are pushing you… A good routine will help you to get motivated, pump up your energy and be in the best physical/mental shape to go out.

1) Food

Before club you do not want to eat something big with lots of calories that will drain your energy. If you are hungry eat light dinner 1 – 1.5 hours before going out. The best thing to eat would be some fish, or what I do is I make myself an energetic smoothie that will keep me up and full of energy for the next 3-4 hours.

2) Music

While preparing at home I play my “pump-up” playlist that pumps my energy up. My favourite songs that drive me to a good upbeat state.

3) Shower

The next thing is shower, while my music is playing I jump in the shower. Full cold shower for the last 10 seconds to shake me up and awake my body. After the shower I am 100% awakened and full of energy.

5) Good perfume

A good player wants to smell good. Girls’ noses are very sensitive and you want to collect as many good points as possible. I have 2-3 excellent clubbing perfumes that always get me the “wow” effect.

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6) Best clubbing outfit

While still enjoying my music, I jump in my best clubbing outfit I chose for the night. You want to look the best you can. First impression can be crucial.

7) Get into talkative mode when going out

If you are going out alone, call one of your friends and get yourself in talkative mode. Talk with anyone; taxi driver, bouncer in front of the club, bartender… this will help you to get into a talking state, and opening girls, initiating conversation will be easy…

I noticed some of guys like to start drinking at home to get in the mood; I do not drink alcohol and I do not advice to mix alcohol while seducing girls. Your brain goes slower with each drink, and your brain needs every millisecond when you are picking them up.

I strongly advise you develop a pump-up routine for yourself. Find what works for you to pump your energy up and get in the right state. Once you figure out what it is, place it in your routine.

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