How not to feel tired

Not to feel tired? It´s hard to go out and follow your dreams when you feel tired and have a lack of energy.

They are obvious physical factors like sleep, nutrition or routines which have a big influence of you state. Inner Game plays a big part how you feel.

On our trainings and workshops we use to focus on visions, goals and resources.

Resources means in most cases to connect with inner powers and getting easy in a good state.

Use Anchors to change your state

How not to feel tired - by Badboy Lifestyle

The idea is, to “anchor” an energized state so you can use it in every situation you need.

It´s basically a bookmark, so you can easily navigate you out of the feeling of being tired.

To not feel tired you can use 2 types of anchors: conscious and unconscious ones.

Conscious anchor :

Are made by yourself. You start “saving” energized states somehow, with a move, a special touch somewhere on your body or a sound, whatever fits you. So every time you do your anchor while you feeling energized, you can make it stronger.

Unconscious anchors :

Are resources you already have, but maybe you are not aware of them. Smiling is a strong one. Also high-fives or some song can work for you. It´s your job to find and use them.

In every case more awareness of your energy state helps a lot to feel less tired. You can figure out what helps you to boost energy. If you have read our article about self-talk, you may find it useful to boost your energy with a positive self-talk, when you feel tired.

Exercise how not to feel tired :

1. Smile

Yes just smile. Grin as much as you can for at least one minute every day. These exercise triggers the unconscious anchors you have and change your state of energy.

2. Start anenergy diary

Write down and analyze when you feel tried and when you feel energized. Start to sort out things that makes you tried and get the things that boost your energy as daily routines.

Example: You eat a lot of cheese for dinner and the next day you feel angry and tired? Maybe there is a connection. At least in my case is it. There is no ultimate answer what’s good for you. The best way is to start figure it out for yourself.

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