Budget Planner – How Much Does Your Game Cost You?

Have you ever done budget planning? Asked yourself how much money you spend on getting girls and developing your Game? Have you ever calculated your cost? No?

I have calculated how much I have spend to get my Game to a really good level…

It’s around 30.000 EUR/USD.

The calculation is really simple:
It takes you on average  4-5 years to get really good in seduction.

You can predict your future costs with this simple math.
Let’s use a 50 EUR/USD weekend budget for going out. Since most of you guys are interested in Club Game, let’s focus on that.

Typical one night going out costs :

Carefree friends laughing at party

  • Expense type 1: Taxi/or you go with your car to a club (parking + gas)
  • Expense type 2: Pay a club fee to get in a club
  • Expense type 3: Get a drink or two in a club
  • Expense type 4: Get home – taxi/car
  • I used to go out every weekend for 3-4 years.

That’s around 10.000 EUR in a few years just for club logistics + drinks. The situation in Switzerland and Germany is even more alarming. I just came back from Germany. Prices are crazy. You spend around 100 EUR per 1 night out easily.
You go out 1.5 x per week, x 52 weeks…that’s 5.000 EUR just for that per year!!! Insane!!!

Take 3-4 years, that’s 20.000 EUR on just going out and developing your skills!!! 20.000 EUR!
On top of that add going out to dates, phone expenses, dressing style, and that’s another 10.000-15.000 EUR in a few years… On top of  that add attending some shitty 3-day bootcamps and products you guys buy.

Sum it all up, you spend around 30.000-50.000 EUR/USD for getting your Game straight. That is ridiculous.

Let me explain why is that: 

Understanding why your Game costs so much

See, to get good in this Game, you need to practice a lot. Let’s say, you are a smart guy who can analyse yourself – you need around 1.200 approaches.

Yes, 1.200 approaches to get really good in this Game. There are 1.200 different situations and lessons you have to learn. That’s how many you have to go through for your brain to start seeing patterns of behaviour and to start avoiding all bad previous experiences. There are around 1.000 things that can happen in pickup. Your job is to recognise them and develop solutions for them.If you have done this number of approaches and you are still not getting consistent results, you should get some professional help. You are probably doing something seriously wrong, or your brain cannot find solutions for problems.

With 1.000 approaches under your belt you should be getting some really good success. The quality of approaches matters, not just quantity. This only makes sense if you analyse and learn something new after each approach. Just banging your head against the wall for 1.200 times won’t help much. 🙂

See, most of you guys do 3-5 approaches when you go out. 5 approaches per night X 52 weeks= 260 approaches in one year.
That’s why averagely it takes guys 4-5 years to get good. You cannot wait 3-5 years before you start getting laid. If you owned a business that you had to invest in for 5 years before it started bringing profit, how would you feel? You should feel the same thing about your Game. You are taking the wrong road. I feel sorry for you guys.

It’s even more sad when you move to really, really hot girls, 9’s and 10’s… you need 200-300 approaches and conversations to understand them and upgrade your normal Game to 9’s and 10’s.
Where the hell will you find 200-300 extremely hot girls?

Yes, if you do it in your city it can take you a lifetime. You see maybe 1 of them per day/night. That’s why you guys won’t ever date those extremely hot girls. You lack practice on them.
But let’s first sort out your Game with “normal hot girls”, then we can move on to supermodels.

In this post I am just taking a mathematical approach to a problem. You guys are smart and you do your math. I sat down and created an easy formula for you to calculate how much money you will spend in the future to get your Game to a “good” level.

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 Formula to estimate your total Game cost


X = average cost of going out for 1 night in your city that you spend (EUR)
Y = number of approaches you do per night
Z = total number of approaches you have done in your life
P: Price per approach = x/y

R: (remaining approaches you still have to do) = 1200 – Z
Estimated Cost of Your Game = R x P

Take a moment and calculate the future cost of your Game (coaching yourself).
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Bon voyage,


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