How much money really matters?

How many times I have heard famous sentence “To get girls, you need money, lots of money”.

Do you believe as well you need lots of money, nice car to get girls? Do you need to spend lots of cash on dates to impress a girl to have sex with you? Well, some guys are doing exactly that, and are fucking up things for all another man.

Some guys are spoiling girls for all of us, throwing money at them taking them to expensive trips, hotels, shopping, hoping they will get into their panties. Girls see how easy is to control man, and how much free stuff they can get for sex. Internally her value raises to the sky. Almost every girl had a guy who spent 500-1.000 EUR ( or Usd) just to get her in bed to have sex with her.

Just imagine what that does to a woman mind. How much is her pussy worth when a guy is willing to spend 1.000 euro just to fuck her? You do this to a woman,  every next guy will have a hard time to have sex with her fast. By spending too much cash on your girl, you are doing long-term damage to yourself ( training her in wrong way) and you are doing even bigger damage to other guys who will come after you. You have to remember that girls are being passed from man to man. Girl I am dating today could be yours next week and girl you are dating today may be mine next month.  So you are training and preparing girl with your actions not only for yourself but for another man as well. Together we are making this planet better place. Look how many fucked beliefs nowadays girls have it. Its all man’s fault. We spoiled them. Its a time to correct it, it’s a time to set some rules.

More Money = Better Dating Experience

Let’s answer the main question of this article. Yes, girls love money, and they are attracted to money, but not money as an object, but what money provides. If you look through all layers, really deep, you will see that money just gives better dating experience. With more money, you can take her to better places, eat better food, stay at nicer hotels, drive her in nicer car…etc. It’s nothing else. With more money, you are doing the same thing but just on a higher level.

Date woman with no money?

Is it possible to date a woman and spend no money on her? Well, not really. You have to understand that having a woman in your life will cost you money this or another way. Because with them you will be forced to live an active lifestyle. It’s forcing you to be social and active. Its normal while you are dating, you take her once a week to a restaurant, or to visit some museum or exhibition together. Do stuff together..So yes dating costs money, but its really not serious money we are talking about.

Aquisition Cost

The most money we guys spend on girls is usually in this “acquisition” stage. From the initial meeting to first sex. It is normal if you ask for a date, you pay for it. Asking her on a date is basically inviting yourself to conquer her and make her yours. This is your risk, your task, and I believe you should be the one paying for it. It’s your initial investment in a relationship. Therefore in this initial one or 2 dates, you will have to spend some money. If you have lots of dates, of course, you will have to keep this sum as low as possible otherwise you will Bancroft very fast. Keep your dates within some reasonable norms. Coffee/tea drink/ dinner/ shisha wine or some cocktails. Maybe all of it maybe just one or 2 things. It really depends on class and hotness of a girl you are dating. If she is a student it will be different then if she is a top manager in a bank.  You are a Gentleman, and you take care of your girls in every possible way.  I strongly suggest adding some fun physical activity to that first date, where whole “seriousness” of date is destroyed. Go-cart, ice skating etc.

Full structure of dates, and explanations how to keep your dates on low costs you can find in Lifeacademy under Dating Mastery courses.

Maintenance Cost

Once she becomes “your girl”, the money you spend on her goes down. Because she will slowly start to participate financially and you will end up spending more and more time indoors at home watching movies, cooking, having sex.. etc. Once a while you have this “waves” of additional spendings where you take her on a trip or holidays and that will cost you more, but in general, if you make her happy with other things, money is becoming less and less important. But you have to be aware or several things here. If you are dating high maintenance woman or a gold-digger, it will cost you a lot. Monthly shopping, expensive Spa hotels, gifts and a lot of other things that she got used to with another man. Dating a girl like that a 9′ or a 10′ can easily cost you around 1.000eur a month or more.


Playing it Smart

If you do everything by the books, and you want to have average or above-looking girls, you should really not need to spend too much money at all. Go out get few phone numbers or use Tinder to generate some quality leads. Get 1-2 dates per girl to seduce her while keeping your eyes on budget. Then keep the girl in a relationship and train her to be a good girlfriend or fuck-buddy. This really should not cost alot!If you are smart you can actually save monrey by optimizing some things.

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