How approach girls

Let’s talk about how to approach girls in every day situation. You see a girl as you walk down the street, what do you do?

How approach girls

Because that “how you feel” will be projected to the girl as soon as you approach her, and what’s even more important will set your state for whole interaction / conversation.

Basically, you come to her  with wrong energy / state you are fucked! So you have to learn how to control it.

Here is a very Powerful Sequence that you can use to control your state before you go there.

Woman sitting at cafe and using smartphone

1. When you know how to meet women and where decide how to open a conversation

You should always have 2-3 different openers in your phone. Look through them and


choose  one that fits the situation the best. One that you are most comfortable using in that situation

2. Clear your mind – Defocus

Stop thinking, try to totally clear out all your thoughts, whatever its going through your mind/ body – DEFOCUS

3. Breathing

Focus on breathing, deep slow breaths will calm you down


4. Immerse yourself  into environment

Feel the vibe of environment, tune in to the music, become a part of environment


5. Focus on her flaws

I wrote about it already, if she is really beautiful/hot (and you shouldn’t even think about approaching anything else) look for imperfections, things she is trying to hide, focus on her flaws, and not on her beauty.

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