Gold diggers

Gold digger girl? Why girl is gold digger? I am aware that big part of my success with girls comes from understanding them and their needs and I would like to help you and bring their world closer to you, gold digger world!


The Gold Digger girl world

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I heard lots of my students and friends saying, ah she is such  gold digger, she is only into money, I hate gold digger, etc etc…Again, I see guys do not understand hot girls and the way they think and operate (their problems) why they are gold digger’s?

But First Lets define what gold digger is: 

A girl that’s primarily interested into your financial situation. Gold digger wants something more then just to be with you. Gifts, you take her shopping, money, lifestyle… Now don’t think I support this or I buy them things, I understand them and why gold diggers end up that way… let me explain you what’s happening in their world. First, average girls 6’s, 7’s, 8’s never develop their need to become a gold-digger. While hot girls yes. And rule of thumb is – The Hotter she is, the more chance she will turn into a gold digger.

Why is that, why they are gold diggers?

See, when I had an model agency, I realised the core of gold digger problem. I had opportunity, to spend hours, days worth them, get in their head, meet their families…  we simply had to! All those hot girls, age group 19-23 yo ( peak of their beauty), they make around $1000 – $2000 a month, some less some more, in Europe its around 600-800€. Usually next to studies they do some kind of a work like being an hostess, or a model, or bar /club stuff. Side jobs.

Basic stuff.  But one thing that you don’t know is that to maintain her beauty, or lets put it like this for a 9’ to stay a 9’  or for a 10 to stay being an 10’ she needs around 1000 € a month MINIMUM. Being beautiful and sexy costs her. She needs to keep insetting into herself to stay on top. Running a model agency for 2 years I have seen 9’s turning into 6’ in few months (no money)
Now, you may wonder… what the heck she spends 1.000 a month?

Top Make-up products, (around $300 a month)


Pencil for eyes, night creme for face, bronzer, lipsticks, skin powder, pen for eyelashes. These are all day-to day use for all girls, and they need to re-do them on monthly basis. The hotter girl is, the more expensive make up brands she will use (quality).
Shampoo (quality ones like Maroccan Oil). Yea, 9’s and 10s they do not use Head &Shoulders products( like we do).If a girl wants her hair to be smooth and soft like a silk, there is whole series of products she has to use. And it all depends on her hair type. Quality Hair products start at $250

Body Milk/oil

for her skin  to be soft ( because we guys like soft smooth undamaged skin), they have  to use it after every shower/ at least once per day. around $ 75

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Re-doing nails at least every 2x a month – $100
Redoing gel on fake nails as they grow.

Gym membership 

or some dancing studio that all girls go – around $200 a month
Because she needs to stay in shape and keep her body fat to minimum to be sexy, and  all of those are just around $1000, and you didn’t even dressed her yet. So add shoes, some new dress/ shirt per month.. and an hot girl can easily spend 1500-2000€ a month to stay beautiful.

We guys shop once per year, and we are good, girls need to update their cloths on monthly or season based…I have seen cases where a 9’ would lose job, and had no money for few months. a sexy 9’ would turn into a 6’ in few months. She got fatter, her skin turned into a  disaster, hair ugly, poor make-up. So she knows very well that she needs money to maintain her looks. On top of that she needs to live, pay her rent, food… everything else like we do. Since most of hot girls are not the brightest minds on planet, they can’t run some good business to make some good money (their brains are not developed that well due to beauty). That’s why hot girls are broke non-stop. They will have $10 in her wallet. So its not that she turns into Gold digging intentionally, her beauty is driving her there.

So it’s a normal that girls would hope they will meet someone who can at least help them somehow financially, either give them some money or some other way.

She can choose either : 

sell her body or time (escort)

or find some guy with money.

Gold diggers - Badboy Lifestyle

That’s why in New york you have more and more college girls signing up for part-time escorts on local sites, and make around 2-3k pocket money. That’s why hot girls will screen you / try to get you to buy things for them to see are you that guy…

Hot girls will run filter game with Micro-Investments  that you simply have know how to handle. See game for normal cute girls and 9’s and 10’s is a 2 different worlds. Its like driving an car & flying airplane. Its simply different ball game.

Now, there is a way to  get and date those 9’s and 10’s without money, but its an Pro Game. Once you are ready for this, come to me and ask me, I developed a program for gold diggers, and will teach few guys per year this Next level game “Gold digger game”.
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