Going out Alone!!

This is one of Badboy’s legendary post, written in really angry state.You do not feel motivated going out alone without Wingman holding?

If feels wrong being in club alone?

You prefer staying home when no one wants to go out with you?

Going out alone step by step


Before we move to steps , let me explain you..,  you are a MAN, and one of the tasks that’s been given to you is to HUNT.

You don’t like being an Man? kill yourself and maybe in next life  you get born as Fat Ugly Woman… then you will have plenty of REAL excuses not to leave your house forever!!

Life is what you make from it, nothing absolute nothing you will get for Free. For all valuable things in your life you will have to apply some energy and work into it. Ask any successful guy in anything. If you for example say to yourself “  I WILL MASTER 3 SOMES” and for next 6 months, you go out every  night and try to push girls into 3 somes…. guess whats going to happen in 6 months? you will be KING / Master of 3 somes. That’s how life is. If you want something, nothing, absolutely nothing will stop you. But if you are lazy, guess what is going to happen… NOTHING! If you put energy into something, after Period of Pain you will Master it! Like for example Going out alone.

That’s why its retarded to link wings/your friends with success with girls.

Do you need your wing to help you to hold your dick when you go to pee? You feel stupid going out alone to Toilette?
Are you going to be that kind of guy in future (Remember you are designing your future) guy that can’t do anything without his friends? Guy that is depended on others?… you know there are specialized hospitals for those people… check it out 🙂

Going out alone is a perfect TEST can you be In-depended and can you perform as a  Man…To  Go out and get pussy whenever you are horny.

Look, Its a normal human behavior
You are home, and you get HUNGRY…you don’t have anything in fridge..

what you do?

1.)Sit at home and wait till food decided to visit you?
2.)Do something about it, go to market, go to restaurant, get some food?




What do you do with meat? you take it home, prepare it and eat it.
That exact routine ( Hunt, take home and prepare food ) we MAN have been doing  for millions of years.


in Pussy-Markets aka CLUBS, BARS, CAFES, STREETS – that’s where pussy can be found nowadays…
And we are using same principle for Million of years Find – Hunt – bring Home -Fuck



If you can go to restaurant/ super market when you are Hungry or to toilette when you have to take a shit…  YOU CAN GO TO CLUB WHEN YOU ARE HORNY AND  bring some pussy home..  ITS THE SAME PRINCIPLE OF LIFE!!!!! You are a Man and those are Basic  Principles of Survival. ALONE!! –  so start going out Alone!!

So, If I understand you lazy fuckers correct, you are lazy to go to restaurants and markets to get your food and you are to lazy as well to go to club and get your wet pussy meat home…??

You do not feel motivated without wingman? But you are not fucking your wing … Wet Pussy should motivate you not a wing!!


If you want to make 1million Euro in next year, you don’t need wing to motivate you, 1mil euro  motivates you!!, in this game Pussy motivates you, having a Hot girls next to you rest of your life motivates you. not a WING..

If your wing is Sucking your dick then I understand why do you need him and why he Motivates you, but to hold your hand when you are talking to  girls?? come on.. How old are you? Seriously!!

Are you calling your wing after watching horror movie to sleep with you as well, because  you cannot sleep??
You are a Man remember…. you Can and you Have to function by yourself – In-depended! Period!

With behavior like this, you will never be able to date super hot girls Because as soon as they smell you relay your Success and Happiness on others they will mark you as “Pussy” and not a Man they need.

Hot girls want a guy who is Independent and can  deal with his shit alone. A Man who is not afraid of going out alone and bringing her home. That’s why going out alone will tell a lot about your Confidence and about you as a MAN. You can handle your shit alone.

Look it from their perspective.. If you were hot girl, would you want a guy who needs his friends to go out and talk to her? If you were girl… What would you think about this guys? Guys who cannot go out alone to bars and clubs and talk to girls?

Take a moment and put yourself in their shoes…

Now..Ask yourself do you want to be that guy for rest of your life?

REMEMBER YOU ARE IN THIS LIFE BY YOURSELF. FORGET family, friends… only person you can trust and relay on this Planet  is yourself. And your life and future will be nothing else but what you design it by yourself.

Future starts with actions you do today. Who you going to be next week, next month starts with what you do today!

One Inner Game Mission ( that is very important of becoming a MAN) you have to do in next 2 months! – START  GOING OUT ALONE, no wings, friends…. ALONEEEE!!  start saying to yourself ” I am Going out Alone! ”

This way you will motivate yourself and re-train your brain that you do not need your wings to hold you hand while you talk with girls. Bullshit!

One hot girl long time ago told me :” If I am a guy.. I would be going  out ALONE without friends.. girls respect more when you approach alone then with friends… its shows balls and confidence”.. that said a 9’ . After that I cancelled all my wingman stupidity.
Girls have big respect for guys who approach them alone, it tells them you have lots of confidence. And that is attractive

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I have done this INNER GAME MISSION long time ago, and its amazing what it have done for me. This is how you play it.

  1. Prep at home…

motivate yourself… shower, pump yourself with good music, feel good.. ( create yourself an “going out Alone pump Playlist on Youtube  choose ONLY Music that pumps you up)

Dress in best cloths you have… go out.. you are going out alone !

  • Get yourself in talkative state..

call your friends, girls, anyone talk for few minutes, If you are going out with a cab, talk with driver.. ask him hows night, tell him stories, get yourself in talking mood. In front of club, talk with security guys…

  • Get in club..

as soon as you get in go to bar and order yourself a drink.

While having a drink, scout for good “new friends group”


The biggest problems with “solo sarging / Going out Alone” is that feeling you are alone in club, and that time between approaches feels awkward… so solution for that is :

Approach a first group of girls   you find in club and pump them with energy, lots of high-fives, good energy and  tell them they will be your new friends for rest of the night, and if any guy is going on their nerves you will take care of him…


they are your “gas station” set your new friends for a night

now you have someone to be when you are not picking up girls.

when you get rejected, you go back to them and re-energize yourself

you can actually tell them… “ girls, I like that one there I am going to try to seduce her”

They will watch your every move, its so much drama,they love it and they can give you so much better feedback then your retarded WINGMAN 🙂

Few rules with “ Friend group”

  • Buy them drinks (spend some money on them) 1 round is enough, don’t be a cheap.. they will save you so much energy and social status!!
  • Take care of them
  • Ask them which one is single, and tell her you are tonight her bartender… ask her which guy she likes, take her around the club let she chooses… and go there and bring him, introduce him..

approach guy  :

-hey bro.. wanna get laid tonight?

expect Him confused…

you :  yes/no?

him yes..

ok, look I have this girl she is totally into you she wants you, I will introduce you.. talk with her for 30min and you have her.. what’s your name?..” and lead him back to group/girls.. Introduce him & her…

Have fun..

  • Lots of high-fives…

do not fuck up things with “friend group” you need them ..


You can be honest with them. Tell them you are looking for some hot girl tonight… but  they don’t have to worry.. you are friends..you will find some guys for them as well.And if you meet some girl, you can bring her back to meet your friends…. it will give you a lot of  social value & status.If you do this routine, you wont feel “alone” in club or bars when going out alone…you will have friends everywhere you go.

Enjoy going out alone !


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