Girls without Panties in a club

Let me share with you one more Players tip. There are lots of girls without panties in a club who crave for sex, and they go out to club with pure intention to get sex. They dress up, they prepare for it. If you still do not know how to recognize those horny girls, grab a course on Life Academy, and you will understand it fast.

There is an extreme situation when she is so horny; they she won’t wear panties when they goes out. And yes there are a lot of girls without panties in clubs and bars. It’s more than one would think.

Of course we had to developa way to screen for it and play with it. This is what you have to do. When you are talking to girl, and she wears mini skirt, it’s like she is not wearing any panties (30%) chance. All you have to do is pick her up and throw her in air, or place her on your shoulders (Summer Camp guys know this move as Fire Man Walk). And you will hear:

“put me down, put me down, I have no panties”. Once you hear this sentence, game in ON.


Girls without panties in a club

Girls without panties in a club - by Badboy Lifestyle

How to pick her up, and place on shoulders, I won’t tell you those are set of moves you will get on my Live Coaching.

Once you know she is without panties in club, you know that she came there with a reason and she is looking for sex. She wants it, she needs it. All you have to do now, is slowly start taking actions towards isolating her, taking care of her friends, taking care of logistics, and she is yours.


Easy Targets

Girls without panties in club are easiest targets. Of course the whole “horny group” of 17-20% of girls in any given club on planet earth.

With proper skills, with proper mindset, you can go out any damn night and bring girl back home. You don’t even need a wingman, or friends to go out with you. All you have to have strong Inner Game, mindset that pushes you to go out pickup girls. It’s so easy to go out alone.

To be able to do this, you have to sort out your Inner Game problems

  1. Going out alone
  2. Approaching girls with no fear or nervousness
  3. Being ok with your sexuality
  4. Feel Powerful and Dominant

All of that you will get in Inner Game Program that’s coming out soon! Don’t miss your 360 inner game transformation. Reserve your copy here.

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