15 Types of Girls to Avoid When Dating – Part II

Let’s continue with the 15 types of girls to avoid when dating. If you haven’t read the article with the first 7 types, you can get it here.


8) Types of girls to avoid: Second Mothers

She tries to be your mother all the time. She wipes your face, fixes your shirts, picks socks around your apartment, spoon-feeds you while eating at a restaurant, treats you like a child. The fucked up part is that it actually feels good when a girl is doing all of that for you, but soon you will start losing sexual interest in her, because the relationship dynamics have been compromised. You do not want to date a girl that reminds you of your mother. Maternal instincts are hardwired into women and sometimes it can be hard for the Second Mother to let you be an independent man that takes care of himself. She should be your girlfriend, not your mother! If she treats you like a child, then you have no other choice but to man up and walk away.

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9) Types of girls to avoid: Jealous Girls

Girls who can’t handle their emotions. They are jealous about every girl they see on your Facebook wall, they can’t stand you talking with other girls, they will be constantly checking your phone if you are texting with other girls and creating dramas about every little evidence they find. She will be asking you 10 times per day “Who is this girl, who is that girl… why is she sending you texts… why this, why that?“. They want to be with you for 100% of your time.

10) Types of girls to avoid: High Maintenance Princesses

These girls are going to want to suck every minute of your time. They like to be the centre of your attention, they want you to plan things for them, to take care of them, to give them fun. These girls can’t stay at home for a weekend, they always have to go somewhere (read: you have to take them somewhere)… Dating them feels like a full-time job. Somehow they tend to like expensive things as well.

11) Types of girls to avoid: Single Mothers

She is hot and has a small child. Guess what she is looking for? A boyfriend? No. She needs a father for her child and a home. It’s difficult to date and to manage them because you always have to think about the child as well. Most of the nights she wouldn’t be able to come over to your place because she has no one to leave the child with. A kid is a logistical nightmare.

12) Types of girls to avoid: Facebook Addicts

People who have deeper issues with caring what others think, being accepted, or a need for approval. And Facebook is making it even worse! They get addicted when they see how easy it is to get approval and acceptance from others. Their life becomes a never-ending hunt to show to the world how kind, cute, sweet they are. They will post everything about their life on Facebook and you dating her is just one more asset she has to get for more approval from the world.

Types of girls to avoid when dating: Facebook addicts - by Badboy Lifestyle

13) Types of girls to avoid: Attention Whores

You go to a club with her and she ends up dancing on a bar counter or a table, or she posts a sexy photo of herself on her wall with a caption: “I am soo faaat” and gets a million of compliments and likes… There are two types of attention whores. The one who has no friends and is genuine lonely and the other who needs to be the centre of attention 24/7. You will notice them early because they believe they are the centre of the world and everything spins around them.

14) Types of girls to avoid: Control Freaks

Run away from those girls as soon as possible. They will try to control every minute of your life, call you million times per day to check who you are with, what you are doing, if you still love them today… Their urge to control everything about you and your life comes from deep insecurities about themselves.

15) Types of girls to avoid: Strippers & Ex-Strippers

No matter how much you want to have sex with them, you should refrain from dating them. Most strippers have some serious personality issues (Inner Game problems). They will bring lots of life problems to you. They are impossible to control and to have normal life due to the past they had. So, try to have sex and run away from them.

Soo… what’s left to date?

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