15 Types of Girls to Avoid When Dating – Part I

When you start meeting new girls, you will realize that there are lots of different girls out there; different personality types, cultural types. But the smartest thing you will find out is that there are lots of crazy people out there and you should stay away from them. Both men and women. Life is getting harder and harder and some people have really fucked up childhoods and past relationships. Whenever you are meeting new girls or women, you always hope for the best but there are some girls to avoid.

In the reality is that there are some categories of women you simply have to avoid. Girls out there that will destroy your life, suck all your money away, turn your life into soap operas and dramas. Let’s simplify, there are some girls you have to avoid! I have dated all of those categories of women below and I can tell you from my firsthand experience – AVOID THEM!

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For all of these girls there are “pre-signs” as we call them, as you are dating them you will notice her sending out small signs of bigger patterns. Do not take one instance of her behaviour as a sure sign to place her in one of these categories, only when you see a pattern repeating itself (3-4 times), you can be sure she belongs to one of the categories to avoid.

1) Girls to avoid: Drama Queens

They will turn the smallest things in your relationship into huge fights and dramas. When things are cool, smooth, peaceful, she has to start some drama or will find a way to join someone’s else drama party. They will get you in fights with your friends, you will end up being involved into her family dramas. Whatever you do with her, there will be some high emotions involved that will end as verbal fights, scenes etc. These girls feed themselves with drama. They need drama to be happy.

2) Girls to avoid: Drugs Addicts, Alcoholics

Alcohol or drugs help them to run away from their life, to run away from their reality. They have sex with guys for alcohol or drugs, they live a very unhealthy life and you do not want to be a part of it. They usually tend to end up in problems with police and the law. You will feel an urge to help them and sort their life out. It’s a trap. Do not try to be their hero. It does not work. They do not want to change.

3) Girls to avoid: Gold Diggers

We all meet one of those. She is more interested in your money than you. While dating her you end up paying for everything. It all comes down to money. She wants to be taken to the nicest places, eat the best food at the best restaurants, go to nice spas. Gold diggers are smart, they will convince you that it’s all for you. You are buying that new dress for her so she can be nice and pretty to you, if you buy that new expensive shampoo her hair will be perfect, of course for you. They don’t like paying for stuff. It all goes under the pretext of “You are a gentleman, you love me”.

Gold diggers are easy to spot because from the moment you meet them, they begin asking you about financial matters. A good woman cares whether you have a job and a car, but a gold digger wants a man with an expensive latest model car, a high paying job and a house or two. Dating a gold digger will cost you around $2.000 a month. You will notice they are always in some kind of financial problems and they need help from you. Don’t go there!

4) Girls to avoid: The “Let’s-Get-Married” Type

After one week of dating she starts planning your wedding, kids etc. Girls in their late 20s enter a stage when they feel they need to fulfill their role as women; they have to get married, get two kids etc. Run away from girls who try hard to get pregnant with your baby or beg you to marry them.


5) Girls to avoid: Religious Fanatics

None of the extremes is normal. If the next morning after sex a girl tries to get you to go to church with her or she mentions The Bible and God too much in a conversation, it’s a sign she is a little bit too much into that. Or she can’t have sex or hold hands with you because of her religion… Her/your religious views should not interfere with your relationship.

6) Girls to avoid: Runaways

She ran away from her parents and she wants to hide at your place just for a few days. Usually a story of hot young girls. These girls are permanent problems with an unhealthy mental state.They don’t want to go to school, they run away from their obligations.Don’t try to be their hero and try to save the,, they will get you in trouble as well.

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7)  Girls to avoid: The Psycho

They are anti-social introverts, but really cool girls. In reality they are cool, calm, chill-out girls on the surface, but ticking time-bombs inside. When things are good, she is cool, but when something goes wrong, they explode. They can’t verbalize problems. Instead they swallow, collect all of it and when you least expect it they unload all of it on you in front of everyone. They do not care who is witnessing it. They will humiliate you in front of others like no one before. These women don’t know how to manage their stress, anger and problems in a normal, healthy way, but instead they let the pressure build up until they explode. During their lives they will try to commit suicide several times, they will threaten you that if you dump them they will kill themselves etc. Stay miles away from those!

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