How to get girls number

You have problems getting girls number???  It’s not!
You should be able to get 7-8 phone numbers from 10 conversations with girls without any problems. If you follow the rules and steps described in this article, you will be able to achieve that high success percentage.

The way you are asking for numbers is wrong!

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Asking for number too soon 

This is one of most common mistakes guys do; they hurry, they feel uncomfortable talking to a girl and they want that phone number as soon as possible. You can’t expect she will give you the phone number after 3 minutes (180 seconds) of talking with you.

To get a good number, you have to stay there with her for at least 15-20minutes. Any interaction under fifteen minutes, is exposed to a high risk of getting a fake phone number or her not picking up your phone call the next day and answering your text messages. Read this article on how to build better connection with her

Forcing number without creating a proper connection

Most guys will often ask her for a phone number before there has been any kind of connection. You can’t just walk up to a girl, dazzle her with your ability to ask her about her name, occupation and general hobbies and then expect her to want to continue the same tired conversation every chump that comes at her every time she goes out. She has to enjoy the conversation with you, she has to get to know you as well. Just by asking questions, and her answering them you won’t achieve that. She has to feel she knows you.

During the interaction, you have to start opening up, revealing things about yourself, giving her material to connect with. Sometimes things can go to the other extreme, where they only talk about themselves. This has to be balanced. None of the extremes are good.

Begging for phone number (not knowing how to ask for it)

Asking for her phone number can be a mistake as well. Let me explain a few things to you first. Your job as a man is to lead a woman into having good feelings with you. Your job is to lead. You don’t lead by timidly asking a girl if she could do you the honour of giving you her phone number “e.g. if that’s ok with you?”

Getting good with girls is about learning how to sub-communicate. When you ask questions, even asking if its ok to get her phone number, what you sub communicate is that you are in a relative position of weakness compared to her. As we know women are not attracted to “weak guys“. Let’s see some bad examples of asking for her phone number:

“excuse me  for asking this, but can I get your phone number”?
“You should tag along and join the party, actually enter your digits here and I’ll SMS you the details”
“so when r u gonna let me have ur phone number..”
“Can I call you sometime?”
Excuse me, would I be able to insert my phone extension into your phone book slot?”
All of those radiate with neediness and they are not going to work (at least with a normal girl)

 Confusing her by hiding your agenda

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One thing that’s confusing girls a lot is “not knowing” what guys want from her. Many will approach and start a conversation about “something” while at same time hiding interest in the girl, pretending that they just want to “ask her something”, and then 10 minutes later in conversation going for a phone number.

You should be clear from the start that you are interested in her, and that later, you might like to see her again. The best way to get her number is the simplest one. The common rule of “Less is more” applies here as well. The less you complicate the better it is going to be. Just tell her:

“You know what, I really like you, and I am going to take you out on a date this Wednesday. Give me your phone number (give her your phone), I will call you tomorrow and we’ll talk”

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Forgetting her name and asking for phone number

This happens to all of us, you forget her name 10 seconds after hearing it, and then this awkward moment comes where you have to put her name in your phone, and you have to ask for her name again.

Girls are very sensitive to that, because you didn’t bother to remember her name – means – you don’t care. Repeat her name several times in conversation to force your brain to remember it as well in the end give her a nickname. Just say; you know what, I have many girls with your name in my phone, so we will have to nick name you, and then give her some teasing nickname that will paint that interaction you had.

Running away from the girl right after you get her number

Many guys, having secured the number, feeling a sense of accomplishment as if they’ve done their work for the day and can now relax- they run off as soon as they get the digits. While you may have gotten the girl’s phone number, you just shot yourself in the foot. The goal with all this stuff here is to get the girls to enjoy the afterglow with you, not to gather meaningless numbers.

When you get something you want from the girl and then run off to commiserate with your buddies, what do you think you have just sub communicated to the girl you just got the phone number of? You look like you wanted those digits way more then you want her, or even worse, you look like someone who is going run off to their buddies the minute they get something they want. So stay additional 3-5 minutes, fluff and end conversation in positive tone, then leave.

Giving her your phone number instead

Sometimes due to bad interaction, once you ask for phone number, girl is looking for an easy way out, and they usually say something “why don’t you give me yours instead”. 90% of the girls will never call you. It is not their role. Their role is to be chased not to chase. So, knowing that, do not expect from girls to call you or text you. It simply won’t happen. You as a man you have to lead. Learn all about leading here

g) Exchanging the phone numbers

Once you get her number, it is smart to make sure she writes down your number too. This way once you call/ text next day, she will know who is it, and you will avoid every girl standard behavior problems such as “I don’t answer to unknown numbers”.

Once you typed her phone number in your phone, call her, and give her a missed call, then and there in front of her. Or you can just take her phone, and type in your name & number in her phone. This prevents getting a fake numbers that every guy gets. Once you are calling that number you got from her in front of her, you are actually checking if the number is right.
Then send her a first this first text message template

Remember, You are the MAN. You have to lead. You have many options, so you aren’t scared of rejection. You understand that sometimes women need to feel comfortable before giving out their phone number, so if she says “no”, you smile and continue the conversation knowing that her “no” wasn’t a rejection of you (unless she says so directly) but rather a sub communication that you need to put more work into gaining Trust /Comfort and Connection with the girl.

Remember that the seduction doesn’t end with getting the girl’s phone number, at all times she is looking to see if you are real, if you are confident, and that you aren’t some kind of creepy douche bag. She is giving you a chance to seduce her.

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